Rodrigo Sant’Anna: I’m Here, I’m Queer! Review: A New Take On Stand-Up Comedy

Rodrigo Sant’Anna: I’m Here, I’m Queer! is a new stand-up comedy special on Netflix from Brazil, released on 19 May 2022. The show was filmed in Rio de Janeiro and directed by João Fonseca. It is Rodrigo Sant’Anna’s stand-up debut on Netflix after gaining much success from the sitcom, A Sogra Que Te Pariu on the same platform.

In the special, he talks about his journey from Morro dos Macacos to where he is right now in life. The stand-up has a runtime of about 1 hour and 2 mins. It is available in Brazilian Portuguese language with English subtitles.

Netflix synopsis of the special reads as:

“Whether he’s making a grand entrance, sharing personal stories or bringing a host of quirky characters to life, Rodrigo Sant’Anna lights up the stage.”

-Rodrigo Sant’Anna: I’m Here I’m Queer Review Does Not Contain Any Spoilers-

One Man Show with Four Eccentric Characters

If we talk about recent stand-up comedy specials on Netflix then the foreign comedians from different countries are always trying new things, be it grand entrances or breaking into a dance routine, as compared to their American counterparts. Whether it’s Michela Giraud or our one-man army Rodrigo Sant’Anna, both of them made quite a grand and memorable entry either by hanging in the air like a Cirque du Soleil show or twerking with the dancers on a choreography they learnt from Tik Tok.

But Rodrigo Sant’Anna is even one step ahead, instead of having a typical comedy show with him talking on stage about his personal experiences with some minor acting here and there. He instead brought four different character sketches to keep things dynamic and pretty quirky. His comedy special is a complete package in itself. It has music, dancing, sound effects, ridiculous costumes and even more absurd are quick transitions from character to character.

Rodrigo Sant'Anna in his Netflix standup special

Rodrigo Sant’Anna is a Brazilian actor, writer and comedian who talks about his life as a black, gay person from a poor family to his successful journey to Netflix – of course in a very humorous way. Going into the show, the intro performance was eccentric enough, I didn’t expect him to transform into a cherry tomato costume. At first, it felt a bit random but over the course of the show, I anticipated what new character might pop up now.

Talking about the characters, they were completely different and far from being similar or related in any way to each other. Yet they made a whole narrative of his life story and experiences. After Cherry tomato’s character, the second character was an embodiment of a ‘pandemic mom’ who is done with her quarantined life with her kids. The third character was the most shocking of them all and I don’t think it has been represented anywhere.

If you are wondering what, then here it is – a butthole. Yes, you read it right and would never imagine that the issues of a butthole would be so relatable to everyone. Just like that, Rodrigo transformed into other characters like a search engine lady and a turkey to talk about hilarious incidences from real life.

Final Thoughts: Stream it or Skip it?

Netflix special Rodrigo Sant'Anna I'm Here, I'm Queer!

Rodrigo Sant’Anna: I’m Here I’m Queer! comedy special on Netflix is a definite stream if you are looking for some fresh take on typical standup shows. The show will keep you engaged with its character sketches and quirky innuendos. Although being in the Brazilian Portuguese language, some words and phrases may not be as accurate while translated but overall it wasn’t lost in translation.

For people who are not familiar with his previous work & comedy, they might find it a bit odd but hilarious anyway. Through different characters, Rodrigo talks about sex, haemorrhoids, life in quarantine, millennials’ childhood and universal family events, without being gaudy or overdoing it. It’s an out of the box show with a distinctive colour.

Rodrigo Sant’Anna: I’m Here, I’m Queer! is streaming on Netflix.

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Rodrigo Sant'Anna: I'm Here, I'm Queer!, a Netflix Stand-up comedy that follows the amusing life trajectory of Rodrigo from the hood to the present day through quirky characters.

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Rodrigo Sant'Anna: I'm Here, I'm Queer! Review: A New Take On Stand-Up ComedyRodrigo Sant'Anna: I'm Here, I'm Queer!, a Netflix Stand-up comedy that follows the amusing life trajectory of Rodrigo from the hood to the present day through quirky characters.