Restless (2022) Review: Franck Gastambide Film Will Make You Restless

Restless, or Sans répit, is a crime-thriller movie directed by Régis Blondeau and stars Franck Gastambide, Simon Abkarian, Tracy Gotoas and Michaël Abiteboul, alongside other cast members. The movie has a runtime of 96 minutes.

Netflix describes the movie as:

After going to extremes to cover up an accident, a corrupt cop’s life spirals out of control when he starts receiving threats from a mysterious witness.

– Restless review does not contain spoilers –

Nothing good can come out when you rush down the road having a tense conversation about something not too favourable, someone dead back home and you are exasperated beyond comprehension. Thomas gets to get a taste of that and then some when a man appears in front of his car all of a sudden. Things only get worse from there.

Restless feels just a tiny bit disjointed at first. But what follows next is somewhat crazy and a whole lot of unbelievable. Who would’ve thought that a child’s toy can be an accessory to murder? If you did, then you wouldn’t be that wrong. It’s wild, it’s unbelievable and it’s everything that constitutes a crazy watch. Moments of tension like these feel almost hilarious thanks to the absolute insanity that the film wants us to believe.


In spite of all of these odd circumstances, you feel no remorse or pity for our Lieutenant. He’s the worst kind of police officer you’d want to protect you and your loved ones. So, seeing him in these difficult situations of his own creation doesn’t really fill you with much interest. If anything, you want him to go through crap just for doing what he’s done and being a horrible human being in general. All of this, though, comes in spite of you knowing what’s going to happen in the next scene.

Restless is a very old movie, in the sense that we’ve seen it a thousand other times. It’s not like you find anything new or interesting – it’s the same old thing over and over again. It’s stale, it’s unnecessary and it’s everything that you don’t want to witness. It’s mind-numbingly boring and really doesn’t hold a whole lot of meaning. So, we are just supposed to follow this dirty cop around trying to cover his stupidity? That’s not fun, entertaining or interesting.

Franck Gastambide, our protagonist, has only two facial expressions. Stoic and a stiff crying expression. Stoic works for him since he’s expected to be the macho man. But it’s weird when a grown man’s only personality trait is “strong man”.

Summing up: Restless


Restless made me wonder why I am expected to feel sympathy for the bad guy. Or even follow him, for that matter. Plus, the storyline follows the most predictable route that you’ve seen a million times and leaves you feeling annoyed and dissatisfied. It’s a bit too long to sit through that unsatisfying runtime with a character who has no personality whatsoever. Go watch John Wick instead.

Restless is streaming on Netflix.

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Restless is a repetition of all those action-adventure movies that we've grown to love with the most corrupt protagonist out there.


  1. Politically correct moronic girls who are offered job only by using the diversity card should not review high octane action films, or any other work of art for that matter, if this website would like to be taken seriously

    • It’s ok for people to like/not like things others like. You can enjoy things without insulting others. 🙂 I am glad you enjoyed the film.

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Restless is a repetition of all those action-adventure movies that we've grown to love with the most corrupt protagonist out there.Restless (2022) Review: Franck Gastambide Film Will Make You Restless