Rescued by Ruby Review: Grant Gustin Starrer is Heartwarming

Rescued by Ruby is a drama film directed by Katt Shea and is based on the short stories Ruby: A Dogwink Story and Dogwink Ruby by SQuire Rushnell and Louise DuArt. The movie stars Grant Gustin, Scott Wolf, and Melissa O’Neil, alongside other cast members. The movie has a runtime of 93 minutes.

Netflix describes the movie as:

Chasing his dream to join an elite K-9 unit, a state trooper partners with a fellow underdog: clever but naughty shelter pup Ruby. Based on a true story.

– Rescued by Ruby review does not contain spoilers –

For anyone who has enjoyed Marley and Me, Rescued by Ruby is for you. Or, well, anyone who loves dogs in general. Ruby is adorable and I don’t care what this movie has or doesn’t have, it’s worth it for the dog.

Rescued by Ruby

But seriously, going back to Marley and Me, this is exactly that movie but with a more Lifetime vibe. The story consists of a dog and his trainer growing with each other and finding themselves. It’s heartwarming watching it and that’s what the movie tries to be. It doesn’t try to be anything but what cuteness and good vibes. It’s nothing new, it doesn’t try to be anything too out there. What it does bring to the table is predictable but nice to watch.

There’s an undertone of innocence here that will reel you in. Sometimes it’s nice to watch something known, just to feel that familiarity. If there’s a dog present in that familiarity, then it’s honestly a win. The movie walks down familiar paths, if only just a bit different. Plus, these characters are good people. They aren’t that fleshed out, but it’s ok since you know their hearts are in the right place. You want Daniel to get his dream job and for Ruby to be loved (this above all else, of course. We have our priorities).

Rescued by Ruby

Rescued by Ruby definitely reels you into the narrative. Maybe it’s the characters or maybe it’s beautiful Ruby herself, you watch to know what happens. You want to finish to see them succeed. Shockingly, without anything new to offer, the movie does a fine job keeping the audience hooked. Especially because all of the people in the movie are so good. They try to make a difference. It’s not something that happens in reality, but hey, it sure is hopeful and humbling.

Summing up: Rescued by Ruby

Rescued by Ruby

Rescued by Ruby delivers what it promises. It’s sweet and hopeful and will put a smile on your face. Also, Ruby is so beautiful! I just wish Melissa had more to her character than just being Dan’s wife, but well, you can’t win them all.

Rescued by Ruby is streaming on Netflix.

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Rescued by Ruby is heartwarming and hopeful, something that we really need in these trying times.

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Rescued by Ruby is heartwarming and hopeful, something that we really need in these trying times.Rescued by Ruby Review: Grant Gustin Starrer is Heartwarming