Remember You (2021) Review: Interesting Mystery Bogs Itself Down

Remember You is a Thai crime TV show directed by Sivaroj Kongsakul and Thana Srisuke, and starring Paopetch Charoensook, Kemisara Paladesh, and Tawan Vihokratana, alongside other cast members. The series has 16 episodes, each around an hour long. It is a remake of the Korean series Hello Monster.

Netflix describes the series as:

A genius detective teams up with a colleague to investigate a case that hits close to home, but the duo becomes entangled in a cat-and-mouse game.

– Remember You review does not contain spoilers –

Remember You starts off interesting enough – there’s a gruesome murder that seems to be connected to another one. A mysterious man pops up in the latest murder scene whom no one knows about, except for Aye, one of the detectives. What is this man’s identity and how is he connected to the horrible crime? Also, can they solve it?

Remember You is 16 episodes long and with one-hour episodes, the series is a bit too long. The first episode itself feels doozy and slow and takes some time to pick up the pace. Additionally, the characters feel like their reactions come in after a split second. As if they need a minute before processing one dialogue to say the next.

Coming to the story – it just takes so goddamn long to get to the point that there are moments that you’d just want to skip. To be honest, Remember You could’ve cut off big chunks of its runtime and still have a meaningful and interesting narrative. The only upside would be that, then, the story would be tighter and with more intrigue.

The first episode itself feels so exhaustive because so many unnecessary plot details are added that are just underwhelming. It bogs down the show and takes the focus away from the murder that everyone wants to solve. You want to know more about how the murders are connected and how it is connected to the detectives. Instead, you get an in-depth look into one of the detective’s abandoned home. Yes, I understand character background, but the focus shouldn’t shift from the crime itself to do that.

I think that is the problem with the series. Remember You takes so much time talking about miscellaneous things that they forget what the primary aim of the show is. The series, somehow, reminds me of Flower of Evil. Yes, I am aware that it’s not the same but somehow, I find the two protagonists similar. I don’t know whether it’s something in their eyes or what, but there’s just something so similar between the two men in the series.

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Anyway, don’t get me wrong, the backstory is definitely necessary to understand some things. But such long sequences? Yeah, that’s overkill.

Tanwa’s character is described as a genius. However, he’s probably the most boring and annoying person here (yes, I don’t know if both of these words can be used to describe the same person). Aye, on the other hand, is described in the first episode as his stalker. I am confused as to why they’d show that, considering she’s a detective who investigates grisly murders so being a stalker should be really questionable behaviour, that too for a long time.

Aye’s character, too, has no depth. It’s just that she likes following Tanwa around and is used as the “stupid detective to make jokes on” trope. Tanwa’s only mood, on the other hand, is producing a scowl. I mean, even geniuses have different moods, I assume? They feel very one dimensional and so do many of the other characters.

That being said, Remember You really has potential. I haven’t watched the original Korean series, so I am sorry for not being able to provide a comparison. However, judging this without making any comparisons, I’d say that the story really intrigued me. And by story, I mean the core story – the mystery and the emotional elements. If you are able to ignore and distance yourself from the unnecessary parts, then this is a really great show that will keep you on your toes.

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The mystery surrounding who the murderer could be and how Tanwa is connected to everything is quite interesting and once you can get over the stupidity of some parts, there’s genuine enjoyment to be found from the various alleys that the story goes down. The flashback sequences I found to be the most interesting, particularly because they provide some great moments of intrigue and some much-needed context.

In spite of being a crime show, Remember You does not have too much gore. Actually, I’d go as far as to say that it hardly has much. It has some interesting mental games that the characters play that will keep you intrigued and some really nice ways things are connected to each other. The endings of each episode have enough mystery to make you go to the next episode so that’s great.

Summing up: Remember You

Remember You Thai version is an average, bordering on good, addition to the crime genre. There are many uninteresting moments full of unnecessary plots and “funny moments” that are neither interesting nor laugh-inducing. However, the core story is good and there are genuine moments of mystery and intrigue that will keep you hooked. If you’re able to jump through the uninteresting portions, then I’d say that this will be a good addition to your watchlist. However, with 16 episodes, take your time in choosing whether to go ahead.

Remember You is streaming on Netflix.

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Remember You has an interesting premise but is bogged down by unnecessary "funny" moments and plots.

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Remember You (2021) Review: Interesting Mystery Bogs Itself DownRemember You has an interesting premise but is bogged down by unnecessary "funny" moments and plots.