Netflix’s Reflection of You Episode 14 Review: Did Not Love Anyone

Reflection of You is a Korean drama-thriller TV series directed by Im Hyun-wook and starring Ko Hyun-jung, Shin Hyun-been, and Kim Jae-young, alongside other cast members. The series has 16 episodes and Reflection of You episode 14, titled Did Not Love Anyone, has a runtime of 73 minutes.

Netflix describes the series as:

A thriving painter’s enviable life begins to fray at the edges when a bright young woman she once befriended resurfaces as a shell of her former self.

– Reflection of You episode 14 review contains major spoilers –

Hui-ju and Woo-jae:

Woo-jae and Hui-ju start off Reflection of You episode 14 with him telling her that he won’t leave her and will make everything ok. However, Hui-ju tells him that although she did love him with all of her heart back then, it is over now since they brought out the worst in each other. So, he should stop trying to salvage it. However, he refuses to do so.

At the Taerim Art Academy inauguration, Woo-jae snatches Hui-ju away and tries to imply that something is going on between Hyeon-seong and Hae-won. She, however, asks him to leave her alone after he says that she’s a trophy wife.

reflection of you episode 14

Woo-jae gives an interview in Reflection of You episode 14 where he tells the entire world that Hui-ju inspired him to do better. The article comes out with a picture of them together, causing a storm in Hui-ju’s home.

The night of the accident, in Reflection of You episode 14, Woo-jae asks Hui-ju to meet her outside. Li-sa asks her to not go, but she doesn’t listen to her. Once outside, they go to his studio where he tells her that Hyeong-gi tried to use him to blackmail her. He further says that he will kill anyone who tries to harm her. As he hugs her, she suddenly sees the camera in her car recording and starts to scream that he doesn’t actually love her and tries to stop him while he forcefully kisses and hugs her.


Forlorn, Hae-won sits in her empty apartment looking lost.

Li-sa finds Hae-won and asks her whether the person her husband drew was Hui-ju. She further enquires whether she told Ju-yeong this. Li-sa then asks her to fix her friendship since it’s because of Hae-won that the two have fallen out.

reflection of you episode 14

For all the destruction that Hae-won has caused though, she asks Ju-yeong to pity Li-sa instead of hating her and asks her to delete the video in Reflection of You episode 13.

Yeong-seon tries to ship Hae-won off but the latter turns down her job offer. That night, she goes home and uploads a few photos of Hui-ju and Woo-jae to her secret Instagram account.


Woo-jae remembers while going through physical therapy how he hurt his shoulder while in Ireland, in Reflection of You episode 14. He fell on his arm and hurt it while holding Ho-su and Hui-ju simply left with her son instead of asking him how he was. He later tells Seon-u that he can go after Hae-won if he wants since they aren’t together anymore. Rather, he is in love with a woman who has a family of her own.

reflection of you episode 14


It’s Taerim Art Academy’s inauguration day and people are desperate to get a glimpse of Hui-ju instead of listening to Hyeon-seong’s speech. He seems pretty happy about the attention that his wife is getting. However, that all comes crashing down when Woo-jae calls him and asks him whether Hui-ju knows what he did to him, because if she did, then she would have definitely left him.

Je catches a glimpse of Woo-jae but comes across Hae-won instead, who asks him how long Hui-ju would stay with him since his behaviour will make her grow frustrated. That’s because she’ll be tired of apologising as she doesn’t know what it feels like to be betrayed.

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As the Hui-ju and Woo-jae article comes out, in Reflection of You episode 14, Hyeon-seong asks Hui-ju to back out of the exhibition. However, she is apprehensive and tells him that she doesn’t want to do that to his exhibition. Furious, Hyeon-seong threatens her to choose between her family and Woo-jae.

Hae-won and Woo-jae:

reflection of you episode 14

Hae-won asks Woo-jae, in Reflection of You episode 14, whether he had visited the school. He says that he had because he was missing Hui-ju. Frustrated, Hae-won says that although it is said that divorce requires a lot of courage, marriage, too, requires courage since you choose to stay with someone in spite of knowing their flaws.

He had promised to be by her side forever and thus she asks him whether he’s sure he wants to breakup. When he says that he does, she says that, in that case, he should either die or he should kill her.

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Later, in Reflection of You episode 14, Hae-won finds the divorce papers and throws face on Woo-jae. She then tells him that even though he thinks that this divorce will grant him Hui-ju, he’s mistaken. He, in turn, tells her to get along with Seon-u since he likes her. However, she tells him that she’s doing this because the person that she trusted the most deceived her, not because he has feelings for Hui-ju.

Hui-ju and Hae-won:

Ju-yeong posts a video about Li-sa bad dancing skills that tarnish the school’s reputation. Of course, Hui-ju goes off to scream at Hae-won and dictates to her to tell Ju-yeong to take the video down. When Hae-won mentions that Li-sa started it first, she completely ignores it and goes on a rant about Hae-won being her teacher for 5 seconds.

Hyeong-gi, Hui-ju and Woo-jae:

reflection of you episode 14

Hyeong-gi calls Hui-ju to the abandoned building and threatens to tell Yeong-seon about her affair with Woo-jae so that Min-seo can take the hospital over. However, Hui-ju tells him that he can tell her whatever he wants as long as Hyeon-seong is with her. She then threatens him back, saying that she knows what he does to his wife and that Min-seo is stronger than he thinks and has been gathering proof.

This makes Hyeong-gi frantic and he manhandles her into telling him what proof Min-seo has. During this, he tells her that he has proof that Hyeon-seong had done something bad the night Woo-jae was in an accident, and the proof is in his phone. In the ensuing scuffle, his phone falls to the ground and he topples over a railing, dying instantly.

Shocked, Hui-ju keeps his phone and just as she’s about to call the police, Woo-jae appears, in Reflection of You episode 14, and calls the police and tells them that he is the only person at the scene.

Hyeon-seong and Woo-jae:

After the accident, in Reflection of You episode 14, Woo-jae and Hyeon-seong come face to face at the construction site where Woo-jae asks him not to investigate too deeply since it’ll put Hui-ju in a pickle. Hyeon-seong is shocked but Woo-jae tells him that it was an accident, no doubt, but there’s no reason to bring her into all of this.

Woo-jae tries to tell Hyeon-seong that him and Hui-ju have mutual feelings, but the latter reminds him that there’s a reason why she left him and came back to him.

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reflection of you episode 14

Last Scene:

Driving back home, Hui-ju’s car stops in front of Hyeon-seong and she is shocked to see Hae-won coming out of his car. Hyeon-seong is sleeping in the passenger seat and Hae-won looks glum as shit.


  • (TRIGGER WARNING for domestic violence in this episode.) Hui-ju tells Min-seo to dump her abusive a-hole of a husband. This is just difficult to watch.
  • Li-sa spreads a rumour about Ju-yeong and the latter tells her that she, too, will tell the world about Hui-ju and Woo-jae.
  • Soun-u asks Hui-ju to apologise to Hae-won sincerely. She, however, refuses.
  • Seon-u opens up about his friend’s death to Hae-won.

Final Thoughts: Reflection of You episode 14

reflection of you episode 14

Oh man, what a wild episode. I thought this was going to be a little dull but Reflection of You got me at the end not gonna lie.

Woo-jae really overestimates Hui-ju and even though he thinks he is oh-so-smart or something, he really doesn’t know his ex-lover at all. Granted, it might be rose-tinted glasses, but good god, man. He thinks Hui-ju is going to leave Hyeon-seong because he ran over him. Yeah, I don’t think so.

Additionally, that last episode really made me wonder how far Woo-jae would go with his obsession. His eyes have that gleam that really does not bode well.

I know I have said this before, but I’ll say it again: Hui-ju is just so damn entitled. I understand that as a mum she has to protect her kids but really – at what cost? Li-sa is a mess and needs some serious therapy and is extremely entitled. I wonder why she is ok with pointing fingers at everyone but herself. Yes, she does the same for herself, but you’d expect to undo the mistakes that you’ve done in your own life when it comes to your children.

Lastly, really rooting for Hae-won to move on!

Reflection of You is streaming on Netflix.

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Reflection of You episode 14 review: Ko Hyun-jung and Kim Jae-young play a dangerous game of rose-tinted glasses.

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