Recce Review: Srikanth, Sammeta Gandhi’s Thriller is Somewhat Watchable

Recce is a crime-thriller TV series directed by Poluri Krishna and stars Srikanth, Sammeta Gandhi, Aadukalam Naren and Siva Balaji, alongside other cast members. The series has 7 episodes, each with a 30-minute runtime.

Zee5 describes the series as:

In Tadipatri village, sub-inspector Lenin is given the task of solving a dual murder case. His investigation leads him to the dark underbelly of familial relationships.

– Recce review does not contain spoilers –

Zee5’s Recce is a crime-thriller with a lot to say. It doesn’t take long to get to the point and from its first episode and flits from one part of the story to the other within seconds. There isn’t one moment that the series wastes to give us something inane but even with so many things to say, the series knows how to incorporate the small details that make a good show.


Recce is a fast-paced thriller which follows experienced hit man Paradesi, whose controlled manner and demeanour win this show. He’s tasked to kill Varadarajulu and is honestly a great watch. Sammeta Gandhi brings forth the experience of someone who has been in the game for quite some time impeccably. It’s interesting watching him although his motivation is a tad uninspired.

On the other hand, we have Srikanth’s SI Lenin who is after the culprit of a murder case in his jurisdiction. Lenin’s character starts off quite timid and although he’s smart and knows what to do to get favourable results, he’s not something who sticks with you.

The show is set in 1992 and thus has a very odd sepia tone to it that is honestly a bit unnecessary. It’s a personal gripe, but I fail to see the necessity to wash the scenes in an unnatural colour for no reason. Sure, it’s the colour of the past, apparently, but I still find it an unnecessary addition, especially for shows that are based in the past and don’t shift from past to present and then back.

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Recce isn’t a new show but it is a show that tries its best to do something new with the old. The subplots are interesting and under the umbrella of the larger picture, it’s interesting in the right ways. However, the series doesn’t stay with you the way you’d expect a thriller to. There’s something half-baked about the show that will keep you a bit annoyed at all times.

Whether it be some unnecessary over-the-top overacting or the characters themselves being dull as a rusted knife, the series, in spite of its interesting stories is quite bland and sluggish sometimes. Fortunately for us, at 30 minutes each, Recce makes for a fun and thrilling watch that you can easily be done with quickly.

However, the cinematography is really subpar and at times the green screen backgrounds stick out like a sore thumb. That combined with the odd choice of yellowish colour will give you a headache sometimes. Although the story is watchable, these moments, plus the fact that none of the bad guys is scary per se, make up for the downsides of an otherwise engaging show.

Summing up: Recce


Recce 2022, from the word reconnaissance which means surveying or researching an area or a situation, is a thriller that keeps you interested for the most part. There are some very annoying bits that, honestly, haunts shows like these all the time. Personally, the background score is a bit much and too relentless for you to concentrate on what’s going on on-screen.

Regardless, it’s a fun, short watch that’s perfect for a quick binge this weekend.

Recce is streaming on Zee5.

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Recce is an overall watchable crime thriller that is sometimes extremely disappointing and at other times, extremely rewarding.

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Recce Review: Srikanth, Sammeta Gandhi's Thriller is Somewhat WatchableRecce is an overall watchable crime thriller that is sometimes extremely disappointing and at other times, extremely rewarding.