Race Bubba Wallace Review: Making a Name in the NASCAR World

Race Bubba Wallace is a documentary series freshly served by Netflix on the life of the NASCAR driver William Darrell “Bubba” Wallace Jr. The social and culturally impactful documentary shows Wallace in the title role and, various other real-life people who have played their part in bringing him where he stands today. The series is six-episode long, each episode has a runtime of 45 to 50 minutes.

– Netflix’s Race Bubba Wallace Review Does Not Contain Spoilers –

Race Bubba Wallace: The Personal and Professional Tracks in Life

Netflix is always a genius in capturing the lives of the bigger bodies in documentary format. The month of February essentially has been a gift as the audiences have been presented with documentaries one after the other starting from Inventing Anna to Kanye West’s Jeen-Yuhs. The OTT giant has also been big on sports content with Neymar’s life documentary being the last release and, the acclaimed Formula 1 series Season 4 making its return with a brand new fourth season. Thus, Race Bubba Wallace was nothing more than a sweet and, important addition to the category list.

The documentary starts from the moment the COVID 19 pandemic hit the world and took it down, taking us back to another significant moment that made the whole world reflect on themselves- the murder of George Floyd, followed by the Black Lives Matter protests. This incident also served as the keystone moment in the life of Wallace that made him a prominent name in the world when it came to taking a stance against racial injustice.

As the series progresses, we are able to take a closer look at Bubba Wallace’s space starting from the exclusive access to the driver’s behind-the-scenes moments during the 2021 NASCAR Cup Series season, his first with Michael Jordan and Denny Hamlin’s 23XI Racing to his bold comment on racial injustice on CNN that him an icon to so many and, enemy to few. Being the only full-time Black driver at the NASCAR cup series, we walk with Bubba Wallace on the graveyard of his struggle with depression, criticism from the audiences and, several other disturbing factors that sidelined him from the track of both his personal and professional life.

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With interviews from Bubba Wallace himself, his family, other drivers, management, NASCAR officials and, others, the documentary series rivetingly chronicles the man’s life. Even after being a docu-series being made out of real-life footage, the cinematography is not lost with impeccable interview settings and, top-notch editing. There is also a constant air of anxiety and adrenaline sprinkled all throughout the series as it focuses much on the race as it does on the driver in question.

However, the biggest highlight of the show has to be how it does not just talk about one’s present actions but, also shows us the aftermath and the consequences of them. It becomes our looking glass into understanding that the prejudice against skin colour is universal and, no matter where you stand, you will always have eyes scrutinizing you based on how you look.

Race Bubba Wallace: Final Verdict

Overall, Race: Bubba Wallace is a series that you can enjoy either politically and socially or, as a fan of the man and the sport. For non-sports fans, the show can be a letdown at times but, it is still enjoyable because Netflix tries its best to keep it real with us. Bubba Wallace’s struggle with mental health is one of the moments that even the non-racing fans will be able to relate to and, the human struggle really shows us what it is like standing alone in a room full of people. Moreover, Bubba Wallace is such a charismatic person, that the series really makes him shine.

You can watch all the episodes of Race Bubba Wallace now streaming on Netflix.

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From the NASCAR tracks to the racial injustice in real life, Race Bubba Wallace takes us through it all.

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From the NASCAR tracks to the racial injustice in real life, Race Bubba Wallace takes us through it all.Race Bubba Wallace Review: Making a Name in the NASCAR World