Queen (Królowa) Review: A Grandpa’s Coming Out Happy Story

Queen (Królowa) is a Polish drama that is released on Netflix on 23 June 2022. It is a Netflix original drama series which is written by the late Árni Ólafur Ásgeirsson and Kacper Wysocki. Directed by Lukasz Kosmicki, a popular director known for his films like The Coldest Game and The Dark House, it is a four-part series with a runtime of about 48-54 minutes respectively.

The cast includes Andrzej Seweryn in the lead playing Silvestre and Loretta, Maria Peszek as Wioletta, Julia Chętnicka as Izabela, Kova Réa as Corentin, Antoni Porowski, Paweł Koślik, Henryk Niebudek, Piotr Witkowski, Keiona, Himera Drag Queen, Véronique Bisciglia, Bartlomiej Bobrowski, Lola Eyeonyou Potocki and Mariusz Zabkowski.

Netflix’s synopsis of the series reads:

After a decades-long absence, a renowned Parisian tailor and drag queen returns to his hometown in Poland to make amends with his daughter.

-Królowa Review Does Not Contain Any Spoilers-

Plot: Becoming the Parent You Always Wanted

This is the story of a retired tailor and drag queen, who left Poland to pursue his career in Paris. Contrary to the promise made years ago, he decides to return to his hometown, a mining town when he receives a letter from his granddaughter. The journey takes an unexpected turn, forcing Silvestre to face the past.

While Silvestre is living a fulfilling life in Paris, doing what he loves and at the point of retiring to lead a peaceful life in the south of France. But when he receives the letter from his granddaughter Iza, after much consideration he decides to go back home that he left, only to save his daughter’s life.

queen / (Królowa)

But the problem is he never met his daughter and their encounter is disastrous, which makes him regret his decision of coming back. Will Silvestre be able to make amends to Wiola and will she be able to accept him as a father and his hidden identity which he has never revealed to his family before?

Family, Secrets and Accidents

Although Wiola at first shuns her father whose existence she was unaware of until now, due to her daughter’s scheming she ends up having the kidney transplant. Looking at the trailer, it was assumed that the series would revolve around the plot of an estranged father meeting up with his daughter and how they forgive and create a relationship, that would eventually lead to her kidney operation.

But Queen does not go to that route and it’s much more than the father-daughter duo. We get to see that the granddaughter Iza is also going through her own struggles and had a plausible reason for not being able to donate her kidney. At the same time, Silvestre is feeling closeted again, after coming back to Poland and is afraid of how people would react to his drag persona, which is a big celeb in Paris.

However, that’s not all, there’s another angle in the story. The hometown is shown as a mining town which is facing some issues with its workers and owners regarding the mine. It is not shown directly but just goes on in the background until it becomes a major turning point in the plot, an accident happens, that brings all its characters together for the cause.

Final Thoughts: Królowa: Tries To Be Emotional But Feels Disconnected

queen / (Królowa)

Queen (Królowa) on Netflix is a happy-go-lucky kind of series which tries to create a heartfelt emotional connection between the characters and the audience but fails to do so. Wiola is appalled by her father’s sudden return but is secretly happy to see him. A tragic accident happens but the characters seem nonchalant. There is no tension in the story, it’s like things are happening one after another but it doesn’t feel anything.

The story has various aspects to be explored, like how two people build a relationship after a difficult past, the fear of coming out to your family, the struggle of self-acceptance and how they are perceived by others, the loss of a loved one and the beauty behind self-expression when someone breaks free from the prison of their mind. Everything just goes by without much delving like we don’t know exactly why Silvestre left, how did he discover drag or about his interest in making clothes.

The mini-series is a casual watch after a long day while eating your dinner or just to have something fill the background. Even if you miss a scene or two, it wouldn’t matter because nothing major happens that would alter the plot in any way. Just like the song Que Sera Sera, the series is like whatever will be, will be, but in the most casual way possible.

Queen is streaming on Netflix.

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Queen (Królowa) is the latest Polish TV Series, released on Netflix. It follows the story of a man returning to his hometown to save his daughter's life.


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Queen (Królowa) Review: A Grandpa's Coming Out Happy StoryQueen (Królowa) is the latest Polish TV Series, released on Netflix. It follows the story of a man returning to his hometown to save his daughter's life.