Puff Wonders of the Reef (2021) Review: Nick Robinson’s Doc is Beautiful

Puff Wonders of the Reef is a documentary film directed by Nick Robinson and is the life of a tiny pufferfish in the Great Barrier Reef. The documentary is voiced by Rose Byrne.

Netflix describes the Puff Wonders of the Reef documentary as:

A baby pufferfish travels through a wondrous microworld full of fantastical creatures as he searches for a home on the Great Barrier Reef.

– Puff Wonders of the Reef review does not contain spoilers –

Puff Wonders of the Reef is an amazing watch. There are no two words for it – it’s wonderous and absolutely, devastatingly beautiful. The documentary is detailed, to the point that it is eerie. Super zooming on corals and tentacular creatures under the depths of the ocean is both horrifying and beautiful.

Life underwater scares me. There’s something about that life that is so unknown, colourful and deadly that it’s something that makes me want to run and hide… or swim and hide. That being said, Puff Wonders of the Reef is about a baby pufferfish who is manoeuvring its way in the depths of the Great Barrier Reef, trying to get away from deadly predators and the millions of other organisms that live in its depths.

From the microscopic to the gigantic, the reef has some horrible secrets in its deadly alleyways. Beautiful, but deadly. That’s the thing about these predators – they are just so beautiful. They would make you want to hold them, but these predators will eat you before you can say “cute!” Puff, like us, needs to know these secrets. The horrible unknown might just be the death sentence that none of us wants for it.

Puff Wonders of the Reef is humorous as it is anxiety-inducing. Puff’s superpower discovery will make you want to take the fish in your hand and keep it safe. Of course… that’s not ideal for him, but you get the sentiment. Other than the dangers under the wave, there are worse things that Puff’s superpower might not be able to stop. And unfortunately for him, he has to learn how to save himself from all of these dangerous problems. Does he make it out alive though?

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Each section of Puff’s life is recounted in the most humorous and beautiful way possible. Rose Byrne’s voiceover is calming as it is sometimes funny. She does a wonderful job at bringing Puff’s growing up from infancy to adulthood. And what do I even say about the wonderful cinematography? It’s so beautifully done that it’s scary. The up-close and personal look into the watery world and its inhabitants is great – breathtakingly beautiful, to say the very least. And, also, the background score – will give you goosebumps.

It’s also a commentary on how the corals are dying in the Great Barrier Reef – a depiction that is heartbreaking when you see it from Puff’s point of view. The warming ocean, thanks to human beings and their greed, collapses Puff’s world and destroys it completely. It will move you to tears.

Summing up: Puff Wonders of the Reef

The title says it all – it’s about Puff, a baby pufferfish, who manoeuvres his way through the dangerous waters of the Great Barrier Reef. The colours and the incidents will make you fall in love, but at the next moment, a cone snail might just snatch that zombie snail and eat it… after a slow chase. It’s entertaining, to say the least, and anyone will be able to enjoy the wonders that lie beneath.

Puff: Wonders of the Reef is streaming on Netflix.

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Puff Wonders of the Reef is devastatingly beautiful and will scare you and make you fall in love.


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