Platinum End Episode 9 Review: Uglier Than The Sins He Does

The most inconsistent anime of this season is back with Platinum End Episode 9, possibly its worst outing so far. How can it get worse than the horrible depths we’ve already reached? Let’s find out in this review!

Platinum End Episode 9 Overview

Platinum End Episode 9 Title

Platinum End comes to us by the writers and creators of Death Note and Bakuman, Takeshi Obata and Tsugami Ohba. As if that wasn’t enough reason to get excited about this show, it is being directed by two prominent people in the anime industry. As it is a two-cour series, its first part is being directed by Hideya Takahashi, who has previously directed JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure Part 5. The second part is directed by Kazuchika Kise, the animation director behind Your Name and Neon Genesis Evangelion.

The series is being produced by Studio Signal.MD, the studio behind several well-known anime such as Recovery of an MMO Junkie and Mars Red. If you’d like to catch up on our review of the eighth episode, you can do so right here!

– Platinum End Episode 9 Review does not contain any spoilers –

Platinum End Episode 9 Review- Plot and Characters

Hajime Platinum End Episode 9

Part 6 of Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure is out now, but something is wrong. I think that a character from Jojo forgot his way home and accidentally made his way onto Platinum End, of all places. Why you would choose to go here and not any other exponentially better anime running right now is a mystery to me. Well, everyone, welcome Hajime Sakotani to the show, a character who is as painful to watch as having wisdom teeth pulled.

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His introduction to the show comes at a point where things are going good for our protagonists, so you know that he can’t bring good news. His backstory is literally every ugly duckling story you’ve ever read, mixed with some of the most grotesque character design you would ever see this side of Dorohedoro. The difference is that he is ugly from the inside and outside and makes some horrible life decisions.

Mirai Saki Platinum End Episode 9

He and his angel also act like the biggest tools for plot convenience the show has ever had, as his angel’s power ensures that all of the show’s setup for how difficult it is to find out the identities of people and kill them that way goes out of the window. Everything comes naturally to him, and one can presume that this character can figure out the entire plot by himself. Why are any other characters necessary, again? How bad of a character do you have to be to regress the show’s plot this much?

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Hajime wasn’t the only character that regressed in Platinum End Episode 9. Saki, who only just became interesting to begin with, showed signs of that going back to her original morose beginnings. There is a chance it doesn’t happen, but you just can’t tell with this show. Mirai had an extremely minute role in Platinum End Episode 9, which was the only silver lining I could think of in this acid rain spewing cloud.

Kanade Platinum End Episode 9

Hajime is especially disappointing because you can see that there was potential there, behind the hundreds of layers of makeup and plot contrivances. A character like him could have worked like a charm in a show about happiness, but Platinum End Episode 9 chose an entirely different hill to die on. Instead of preaching the message that being ugly doesn’t make one a bad person, it made being ugly a hindrance to an already disgusting character.

Platinum End Episode 9 Review- Art and Music

Platinum End has had some downs, but Episode 9 was the first time the show made me sick to my stomach as to how bad it was and how it treated its characters and worldbuilding. Add the fact that the character design looked positively disgusting at times, and you get a practically unwatchable episode of the show. While Hajime looking and doing things like that was intentional, the intentions were foul and distasteful enough. Even the music couldn’t save this one, I’m afraid.


Platinum End Episode 9 was foul, vile, and disgusting and had practically no redeeming qualities. The story was bad, the characters even worse, and the less said about the animation, the better.

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Platinum End Episode 9 was foul, vile, and disgusting and had practically no redeeming qualities. The story was bad, the characters even worse, and the less said about the animation, the better.


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