Platinum End Episode 2 Review: Don’t Die If You Want To Be Happy

Platinum End Episode 2 proves that it stands a lot to lose if it doesn’t follow the footsteps of its predecessors. It will not be able to prosper until taken out of its shadow. What made me come to this conclusion? Let’s find out in this review!

Platinum End Episode 2 Overview

Platinum End Episode 2 Title
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Platinum End comes to us by the writers and creators of Death Note and Bakuman, Takeshi Obata and Tsugami Ohba. As if that wasn’t enough reason to get excited about this show, it is being directed by two prominent people in the anime industry. As it is a two-cour series, its first part is being directed by Hideya Takahashi, who has previously directed JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure Part 5. The second part is directed by Kazuchika Kise, the animation director behind Your Name and Neon Genesis Evangelion.

The series is being produced by Studio Signal.MD, the studio behind several well-known anime such as Recovery of an MMO Junkie and Mars Red. If you’d like to catch up on our review of the first episode, you can do so right here!

– Platinum End Episode 2 Review does not contain any spoilers –

Platinum End Episode 2 Review- The Plot

Platinum End Episode 2 Mirai Nasse
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Since writing the first review, I have had the chance to look up the original manga of Platinum End, and let’s just say that surprised is an understatement for how I felt when I saw the reactions to it. However, most reviews that I read pertained to it to be not as good as Death Note and Bakuman. That’s when I got to thinking if it is fair to judge something so harshly if the only crime it committed was not being as good as its creator’s earlier works?

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Of course, I don’t know yet if that will be the show’s only crime. We are only at Platinum End Episode 2 so far, and two episodes don’t indicate the quality of the entire season. Just ask Erased fans. So, from now, I’m going to keep the Death Note and Bakuman comparisons to a minimum. I don’t believe it to be in good taste to throw the show up in the dumpster just because it’s not as good as Death Note. I don’t even consider that show to be a masterpiece by any definition of the word, but that’s a hornet’s nest I don’t want to kick right now.

Platinum End Episode 2 Metropoliman
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On its own merits, Platinum End Episode 2 was a great follow up to the fascinating first episode. All the plot beats that it hit made a lot of sense, and it makes sense that people who receive the powers lie on both ends of the spectrum and aren’t all just goody two shoes. The show is also perfectly paced to be on track for a two-cour show if it intends to adapt the entire manga into this season. Things are looking good for now.

Platinum End Episode 2 Review- The Characters

Metropoliman kills Platinum End Episode 2
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Mirai, the main character, can be very annoying. He is the exact antithesis for the entire concept of a Death Game, and he only wants to stay alive and strive for his happiness. The only problem in his noble ventures is that he is going to die after 999 days have passed since the day of the announcement. We know this because the show has already told us about some conditions of the game. This means that all his attempts to live a normal life are going to be negated very soon, so any plot point regarding that will be futile.

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The show also introduced a ‘The Great Saiyaman’ like character in Metropoliman, who is also a part of another “twist” that one could see coming a mile away. You could make up an entire bingo card full of anime tropes, and I believe you’ll be done by the next episode. Metropliman was a very cringy character, which I believe was on purpose, just like The Great Saiyaman. He does make for an interesting anti-hero, so I’ll be interested in seeing what happens next.

Platinum End Episode 2 Review- Art and Music

The show’s opening theme is “Sense” by BAND-MAID, and it is the best opening of this season. I know it is early to make such a statement, but I am confident in saying that because the opening is that good. It gives off very early 2010s ‘Overlord’ vibes, which feels very nostalgic for someone who got into anime at that particular time, like myself. The only opening that comes close is the opening of Mieruko-Chan, but I like that for the contrast it brings to the table, and not because the song is particularly good.

The animation remains unimpressive, as there aren’t any particular problems with it despite there not being anything special in it either. Platinum End Episode 2 becomes a little wonky whenever Angels are on screen for some reason that I haven’t been able to decipher yet. Metropoliman was also CG, which scares me, but I’ll wait to see more of it before commenting on how it looked. Overall, a solid effort.


Platinum End Episode 2 was a worthy follow-up to the first episode and continued to build upon various things that the earlier episode promised. Don’t write this show off yet.

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Platinum End Episode 2 was a worthy follow-up to the first episode and continued to build upon various things that the earlier episode promised. Don't write this show off yet.

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