Pieces of Her Review: Toni Collette Is an Enigma to Behold

Netflix’s latest literary adaptation, Pieces of Her, is created by Charlotte Stoudt and directed by Minkie Spiro. Charlotte Stoudt and Minkie Spiro also serve as the executive producers of the show along with Bruna Papandrea and Lesli Linka Glatter. It is produced by Made Up Stories and Endeavor Content. The thriller is based on the acclaimed Karen Slaughter novel by the same name.

The cast stars Toni Collette as Laura Oliver and Bella Heathcote as Andy Oliver, the mother-daughter headliners of the show. It also includes David Wenham as Jasper Queller, Jessica Barden as Jane, Joe Dempsie as Nick, Jacob Scipio as Michael Vargas and Omari Hardwick as Gordon Oliver. The series consists of eight episodes.

– Pieces of Her Review Does Not Contain Spoilers –

Pieces of Her Season 1: Who is Laura Oliver?

Netflix’s latest suspenseful mystery thriller, Pieces of Her offers mesmerizing performance from the cast and, a slow-burning storyline that keeps you invested. This book-to-screen adaptation tries to chisel itself as strategically as possible to attract and invest the audiences. Reminding one much of the 2022 release Reacher series on Amazon Prime Video, the show focuses on this one primary question of who is Laura Oliver?

Pieces of Her introduces us to Bella Heathcote’s Andy- a 30-year-old woman, unsure of where her life is heading as she crashes at her mother’s place irrespective of being a grown-up woman. Andy is introduced as indecisive, bored with her life, uninteresting and unsuccessful in piecing her life together. On the other hand, we have Andy’s mother, Laura Oliver. Laura is a woman you want to look up to. She is smart, caring, has her life figured out as a speech therapist, and, tries to be a caring mother. Putting the duo together, audiences can sense the tension and chemistry both intermixing within these characters.

It is on Andy’s 30th birthday that Laura takes Andy out for lunch to a cafe. The mother-daughter converse but, soon hell breaks loose. Laura’s former patient is shot down in the restaurant by a man and, before you know it, the seemingly the kind and suburban perfect mom Laura finds her way to defeat the shooter. The incident in the diner shocks everyone and, leaves Laura with a trip to the hospital. But, when admitted Laura realizes how her reaction has gotten out of hand as a video of her killing the shooter goes viral all over social media.

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Buried bones from the past resurface and, Laura and Andy’s life changes forever, making Andy question if what she thought she knew about her life was a lie? Embarking on an edge-of-the-seat journey, Andy and Laura need to protect themselves from the havoc that is coming to wreck their worlds. But, will they be successful?

Pieces of Her Season 1: Final Verdict

Pieces of Her gets all the elements of building up a mystery thriller right. Toni Collette is one enigma to behold and you cannot get enough of her being the absolute best in the series. Bella Heathcote, on the other hand, fails to impress us with the drive that her character requires.

Overall, the series is a slow-burning thriller, so you need to keep that patience intact to enjoy the final reveal fully. As an adaptation, the series remains as honest as possible in regards to the source material. There is no denying that Karen Slaughter is a very well-loved author and, her fans are going to be impressed watching this adaptation.

You can watch all eight episodes of Pieces of Her now streaming on Netflix.

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Toni Collette Starrer, Pieces of Her is a suspenseful thriller that keeps you waiting.

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Toni Collette Starrer, Pieces of Her is a suspenseful thriller that keeps you waiting. Pieces of Her Review: Toni Collette Is an Enigma to Behold