Paranormal Activity Next of Kin Review: Another Unnecessary Addition

Paranormal Activity Next of Kin is a horror movie directed by William Eubank and starring Emily Bader, Roland Buck III, Kyli Zion and Tom Nowicki, alongside other cast members. The movie is 98 minutes long.

Paramount+ describes the movie as:

A documentary filmmaker follows Margot (Emily Bader), as she heads to a secluded Amish community in the hopes of meeting and learning about her long-lost.

– Paranormal Activity Next of Kin review does not contain spoilers –

Franchise movies always shock me because how do we constantly come back to this? Is it necessary to remake a successful movie over and over again until it’s not palatable anymore? The Paranormal Activity franchise was never really a movie that had a lot of plot to hold on to, at least Oren Peli’s original. But it was a creepy watch nonetheless.

Either way, we are back with Paranormal Activity Next of Kin for some reason and I gotta say, it’s an experience. This time, the series uses the excuse of shooting a documentary to constantly film but then again, there are some shots that are taken on normal cameras, like a third-party viewing in. They had done this in previous instalments also and it’s a lot of mixed signals.

Paranormal Activity Next of Kin, additionally, takes so much time to get to the point. Slow-burn horror movies are great, but there still needs to be content other than loud jumpscares to keep the audience invested. The movie does nothing of the sort. Just like its predecessors, it follows the date, day thing and tries to increase the scare factor every day and amps up the mystery. However, it just feels so flat and ingenuine.

It also doesn’t feel like the characters have any depth. Like, Margot’s entire personality is finding her past, there’s the stereotypical funny friend and the Black guy who’s behind the camera. They have literally no other personality and nothing to add. Thus, you never really attach yourself to anyone in Paranormal Activity Next of Kin. Plus, they constantly make idiotic decisions, scream at inopportune moments, and talk very loudly – why would you want to follow such characters?

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And I swear to god since Paranormal Activity Next of Kin doesn’t have any genuine scares to keep us busy, it throws in stupid jumpscares to shock us every now and then. It’s just so annoying and infuriating to watch. A scarecrow, several little boys – these are things that are the object of scares here, among other mundane things. I hate jumpscares – they bring nothing to the table and just leave you feeling stupid.

The last few minutes are somewhat decent and have some action and gore. It is the epitome of horror though? Most definitely not. However, it’s better than nothing. There’s a creepy creature that will remind you somewhat of 2007’s REC (a much better movie though). Either way, the last part of Paranormal Activity Next of Kin is a thrilling and good watch. Plus, the cinematography is excellent and the movie features some really cool camerawork in the end.

Summing up: Paranormal Activity Next of Kin

Paranormal Activity Next of Kin brings literally nothing new to the table and except for a creepy creature feature, it’s a sad attempt at bringing a dying franchise back to life.

Paranormal Activity: Next of Kin is streaming on Paramount+.

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Paranormal Activity Next of Kin is an unnecessary addition to the franchise with a cool creature feature.

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Paranormal Activity Next of Kin is an unnecessary addition to the franchise with a cool creature feature.Paranormal Activity Next of Kin Review: Another Unnecessary Addition