Parampara (2021) Review: Age-Old Tale of Power

Parampara directed by Krishan Vijay L and Viswanath Arigela is a Telugu Crime Drama series streaming on Disney+ Hotstar. The first 7 episodes of the series were released on the 24th of December under the production company Arka Mediaworks. The audio language is in Telugu but the viewer has the option to choose from dubbed versions offering audios in languages like Bengali, Marathi, Hindi and many more. The synopsis of the series on Disney+ Hotstar reads: “For years, Naidu has kept everyone under his ruthless rule, until his nephew Gopi decides to challenge him and bring down his empire of injustice.

Parampara review does not contain any spoilers-

Parampara is Disney+Hotstar’s first Telugu series and stars Jagpathi Babu, Sarath Kumar, Naina Ganguly, Akansha Singh, Naveen Chandra and others in various roles. Shobu Yarlagadda and Prasad Devineni, the producers of Bahubali have produced the film. The term “Parampara” literally means “tradition” and that aptly sums up the core idea of the series. It narrates a tale of power and corruption backed up by intergenerational politics. Sarath Kumar handles the role of Nagendra Naidu, and Jagpathi Babuthe role of Mohan Rao, Nagendra Naidu’s right-hand man. Each episode is around 50 minutes long but keeps the viewer hooked to the screen. 

The description of the first episode reads as, “The seeds of Gopi’s anger are sown when his uncle, Nagendra Naidu, snatches his grandfather’s legacy by deceit, leaving his father, Mohan Rao, picking up scraps”. The premise of the series rests on the bond between Nagendra Naidu and his brother Mohan Rao. Naidu is the “alpha patriarch” of the family who has kept everyone under his heels. To the outside world, Mohan Rao is his lovable brother, and both of them are the ideals of what Indian siblings should look like. However, things are not what they seem like. Mohan Rao’s son Gopi, played by Naveen Chandra decides to take a stand against his oppressive uncle. 

Parampara (2021) Review: Age-Old Tale of Power

He believes that enough is enough. He takes an oath to do everything in his power to unmask the true identity of his uncle and make the world know of his tyrannical ways and the oppression that he has subjected his brother to. “Parampara is a drama that is based on the power ambitions of its characters. The audience will be treated to a powerful drama that packs emotions, actions and an enticing story that will keep them hooked on to the series. I feel extremely proud to have been able to direct my very first web series featuring the talented dream cast for the show,” the director of the series has said. 

The description of the second episode reads “outside forces observe the storm brewing in the Naidu household and decide to take advantage of it. Meanwhile, Gopi searches for the real culprit behind his arrest.” Parampara also navigates around the love story of Gopi’s romance with Rachana, played by Aakansha Singh. Things become tense in the Naidu household as Gopi decides to get involved with the enemies to take his revenge up a knot. The series is gritty. There is intensity hidden under the apparent surface of the series that electrifies the presence of the characters on the screen.


Summing up, Parampara 

Parampara is a retelling of the age-old hunt for power and intergenerational politics that has haunted the lives of many. It aptly tugs at all the right strings from being heart-wrenchingly sad to being absolutely gritty and terrifying at times. If you are looking for a quick watch that keeps you on the edge of the seats, then do give Parampara a try. 

Parampara is now streaming on Disney+Hotstar.

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Parampara, starring Jagpathi Babu and Sarath Kumar, narrates the age-old story of power and politics.


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