Parallels Review: Spinning the Multiverse Yarn With Memorable Characters

Disney+ Hotstar’s latest release Parallels is created and written by Quoc Dang Tran, with Anastasia Heinzl also serving as the co-writer of the series. Directed by Benjamin Rocher and Jean-Baptiste Saurel, the show is produced by Quoc Dang Tran, Raphaël Rocher, Eric Laroche under the production banners Digital Daïmôn Films and Empreinte Digitale. The series consists of six episodes in total, each with a runtime of 30-40 minutes and audio as well as subtitles available both in French and English.

The French science fiction series stars Thomas Chomel as Samuel Deslandes (aka Sam), Jules Houplain as Victor Deslandes, Omar Mebrouk as Bilal Belkebirs, Jade Pedri as Romane Berthauds in central roles, along with Naidra Ayadi as Sofia Belkebirs, Guillaume Labbé as Retz, Romain Francisco as Laurent, Gil Alma as Arnaud Deslandes, Elise Diamant as Alice Deslandes, Dimitri Storoge as Hervé Berthaud and Agnès Miguras as Vanessa Berthaud.

– Parallels Review Does Not Contain Spoilers –

Parallels: Stranger Things Meets Dark

Disney+’s latest French fantasy piece, Parallels, brings us pieces of nostalgia and reminiscence from the most iconic and popular films and series we know that explores the concept of the multiverse. The short series takes a quick dive into the complicated world of time travel and, serves us with a warm plate of driven and likeable characters wrapped in the theme of unchanging reality and utopian expectations.

Sam, Bilal, Romane and Victor are childhood friends living their pre-high school, worrying less about the world and, dreaming about what the future holds for them. On the night of Bilal’s birthday, the gang coups up at their regular meeting spot in the woods and, with a care of the world enjoy the time of their lives. Until an electricity disturbance bends the rules of physics and, splits the gang into parallel universes.

In one of the universe, we are left with a much older version of Bilal and, the young Sam we know, with Romane and Victor missing and, in other, we have Sam and Bilal missing with Romane and Victor as their present selves. The story progresses from here on as the individuals team up with their respective friends present in that particular universe and, set out to find the reason for what happened to the missing ones and, what mysterious event led to the abnormality in time.

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Parallels hugely remind one of Stranger Things, starting from the group of four being reminiscent of Mike, Dustin, Nancy and Will from the Netflix science fiction series to the power plant like setting that is noted to be a quintessential revelation for the story to progress. It also has themes of Baran bo Odar and Jantje Friese’s Dark that focuses on the characters being transported in parallel universes. From Back to the Future to Manifest, the series serves as a pure nostalgic trip for audiences who love science fiction.

Irrespective of the similarities, the series never tries to replicate the plotlines explored in the above-mentioned films/series. Parallels establish its theme of what one expects/wants reality to be versus how one’s reality never actually lives up to the utopian vision we have in our heads very clear. It features a cast that knows what it is doing and, gives us characters we want to invest in and root for until the end. The amiable characters in Parallels might just be the show’s highest point.

The French series also plays with the concept of the multiverse and the cinematography to give us the vibe of mystery pretty well. It does not complicate its narrative but, rather makes itself enjoyable and easy to watch.

Parallels: Final Verdict

Overall, Parallels offers us another path to approach the kind of genre we are used to. It is a bridge that connects what we viewers know about the multiverse and, what we don’t. It is driven, crisp and fast and, never lingers too long to bore you.

You can stream all six episodes of the French science fiction mystery series Parallels now on Disney+ Hotstar.

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Disney+ Hotstar's Parallels offers us an easy and enjoyable time travel tale merged with the concept of mulitverse.

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Disney+ Hotstar's Parallels offers us an easy and enjoyable time travel tale merged with the concept of mulitverse. Parallels Review: Spinning the Multiverse Yarn With Memorable Characters