Our Blues OST: 5 Best Songs From The Kim Woo-bin Kdrama

Our Blues follows the lives of people living on Jeju Island. Just like the warm stories, the Our Blues OST also has some warm songs to comfort you on a lonely day. The drama has already finished half of the episode lists and we have seen the love stories of Eun-hui, Han-su, and Hyun, Yeong-ju and the friendship of Ho-sik and In-gwon. The ongoing episodes show the love stories of Yeong-ok, Jeong-jun and Dong-seok, Seon-a and the friendship of Eun-hui and Mi-ran.

The Our Blues OST mostly comprises Ballads as the drama primarily surrounds love stories of different couples. From BTS Jimin and Han Sung-woon’s With You to Our Blues Our Life by Lim Young-woong, the songs are warm, happy and comforting.

Our Blues OST
Our Blues OST

Best Songs From Our Blues OST

With You By Jimin And Ha Sung-woon

With You is a melancholic song, sung by Jimin and Ha Sung-woon, written by Jihoon and composed by Rocoberry. Jimin and Ha Sung-woon sing this sad song in their soothing voices which gives a feeling of melancholy. The lyrics talk about not leaving one’s side no matter what and only loving one person till the end. The song is dedicated to Dong-seok’s love for Seon-a, whom he hasn’t stopped loving since he first met her as a teenager.

Happy Song By MeloMance(멜로망스)

The Korean Duo MeloMance are known for their lovely Kdrama OSTs which have always captured listeners’ hearts. In the Happy Song for Our Blues, the duo doesn’t fail to mesmerize the fans. The upbeat melodious song goes best with the drama’s storyline as it talks about the love a person has for their partner. The lyrics talk about how a person is happy because of someone they love. Put any couple of the drama in this song and it will suit their story.

For Love(봄 to 러브) By 10cm(십센치)

10cm(십센치) has sung many popular OSTs for Kdramas and all of them are melodies to the ears. For Love(봄 to 러브) is an upbeat pop song representing Yeong-ju and Hyun’s young romance. Just like how Yeong-ju and Hyun fought for each other till the end and newly fell in love with each other, similar feelings are portrayed in the song lyrics.

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Our Blues Our Life(우리들의 블루스) By Lim Young-woong

A soft ballad in Lim Young-woong’s voice is suited to the song title which is the same as the drama name. The song is written about Dong-seok and Seon-a and is about their journey. It specifically talks about Dong-seok’s point of view in which he promises to take care of Seon-a till the end, like a guardian. The song shows how a person can love selflessly even when the other person doesn’t love you the same.

Remember Me(기억해 줘요) By DAVICHI(다비치)

Davichi sings in her mellow voice in this song with distinct guitar chords. The lyrics talk about missing a person and asking the person if they remember you. The song is dedicated to Han Ji-min and Kim Woo-bin’s characters, Yeong-ok and Jeong-jun in the series. Han Ji-min lives a mysterious life but Kim Woo-bin falls in love with her regardless of her past. The song looks like them asking each other if they will still remember or miss each other if they part ways.

Do you like Kdrama OSTs? Which is your favourite song from the Our Blues OST? Let us know in the comments.

Our Blues is available to watch on Netflix.

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