Our Blues Episode 5 Recap: Yeong-ju is Pregnant With Hyeon’s Baby

Our Blues (우리들의 블루스) is a Korean drama series directed by Kim Kyu-tae and features Lee Byung-hun, Shin Min-a, Cha Seung-won, Lee Jung-eun, Han Ji-min, Kim Woo-bin, and Uhm Jung-hwa, alongside other cast members. The series has 20 episodes, and Our Blues Episode 5 is titled Yeong-ju and Hyeon and has a runtime of 61 minutes.

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– Our Blues Episode 5 Recap contains spoilers –

Our Blues Episode 5 opens with Dong-seok’s mom calling him from the bus stop and again from the hospital when he finally picks up the call. His mother has cancer but she can’t bring herself to inform her son as they do not share a close bond. Dong-seok reveals to Eun-hui that he can never forgive his mother for marrying his father’s friend who was also the father of someone he hates the most.

Our Blues Episode 5
Still from Our Blues Episode 5

Yeong-ju hates living on Jeju island and she has plans to leave the island as soon as she graduates from high school. She hates the fact that everyone in her small town knows her and it is boring. Her father, Bang Ho-shik raised her alone after her mom ran away from home and he puts his daughter first before him. He buys everything she needs when he still uses an old toothbrush and socks and underwear with holes.

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Yeong-ju has missed her periods for more than three months and she suspects that she is pregnant. After much effort, her boyfriend Hyeon is able to buy a pregnancy kit and the test comes out positive, much to Yeong-ju’s disappointment. She has decided to abort the baby and refuses to talk to Hyeon. He asks her if they should keep the baby but Yeong-ju is in opposition. Her plan to leave the island will vanish forever if they do so.

Our Blues Episode 5
Still from Our Blues Episode 5

Hyeon is equally upset with everything that has been happening but what upsets him more is that Yeong-ju doesn’t involve him in the decision. He buys her abortion pills, gives her the money his father had given him to join an academy and also the gold rings that his mom had given him on his first birthday. He has gone so far as to even steal his father’s money and borrow money from friends. He wants to support Yeong-ju but she doesn’t let him near her.

Our Blues Episode 5 Ending

The only way that Yeong-ju has now is to visit an OB-GYN. Yeong-ju travels to a faraway hospital but still ends up meeting Eun-hui there. She lies to Eun-hui that she is there to check up on her irregular periods. The doctor diagnoses Yeong-ju that she is 6 months pregnant and if she wants to get an abortion, she should get parental consent.

Our Blues Episode 5
Still from Our Blues Episode 5

Eun-hui tells Ho-shik about his daughter and he buys her a good quality beef so that she can get healthy soon. Yeong-ju can’t bring herself to tell her father the truth. She thinks he will commit suicide if he finds out and Hyeon’s father will kill him. She finds another hospital and tells Hyeon to not come with her.

However, Hyeon cannot sit still and follows her to the hospital where Yeong-ju who had been so strong until now, cries when she hears the baby’s heartbeats. She cries in Hyeon’s arms and tells him that she is very scared. Both of them are too young to understand the depth of the situation they are in. Will they abort the baby or will their secret be exposed to their parents?

Our Blues Episode 5 Review

Our Blues Episode 5 has shown the story of the youngest couple in the cast. It is again a one-sided love story where Hyeon is in love with Yeong-ju but she doesn’t even believe in love. It comes from her mom’s betrayal of her dad who was crazily in love with her. Yeong-ju is smart and believes she is old enough to live her life as she wants but when she gets pregnant, her lack of maturity and knowledge is highlighted.

Yeong-ju and Hyeon’s story doesn’t end in this episode which shows that the series isn’t following the pattern of Han-su and Eun-hui of continuous stories. The break between different couple’s stories is good to keep the excitement of the viewers.

Our Blues is available to watch on Netflix.

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In Our Blues Episode 5, Yeong-ju and Hyeon get themselves into a mess when Yeong-ju gets pregnant.

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In Our Blues Episode 5, Yeong-ju and Hyeon get themselves into a mess when Yeong-ju gets pregnant.Our Blues Episode 5 Recap: Yeong-ju is Pregnant With Hyeon's Baby