Our Blues Episode 3 Recap: Eun-hui’s Friends Exposes Han-su’s Lie

Our Blues (우리들의 블루스) is a Korean drama series directed by Kim Kyu-tae and features Lee Byung-hun, Shin Min-a, Cha Seung-won, Lee Jung-eun, Han Ji-min, Kim Woo-bin, and Uhm Jung-hwa, alongside other cast members. The series has 20 episodes, and Our Blues episode 3 is titled Han-su and Eun-hui 3 and has a runtime of 75 minutes.

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– Our Blues episode 3 recap contains major spoilers –

Eun-hui is excited about her trip with Han-su and she can’t hide her excitement. Young-ok makes Eun-hui reveal the reason for her excitement and starts teasing her about losing her virginity to her first love. Han-su has lied to Eun-hui about his separation from his wife and Eun-hui has agreed to go on a trip with him solely by trusting his words.

Han-su and Eun-hui are on their way to Mokpo and Eun-hui’s only friends, Bang Ho-shik and Jung In-gwon, have been searching for her. She has not told anyone about her trip. After Ho-shik pesters her by calling, again and again, Eun-hui tells him the truth. He expresses his dislike about going on a trip with a married man but Eun-hui tells him Han-su’s lie and hangs up.

Our Blues
Still From Our Blues Episode 3

Reminiscing memories from their school days, Eun-hui and Han-su stroll through the streets of Mokpo. They buy the sugar candy, visit the stairs where they had kissed each other and walk with Han-su’s arms on Eun-hui’s shoulders. Eun-hui feels like she is back in high school and they are still young in love. Han-su, however, is doing it for a reason and Eun-hui is falling for it.

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They talk about each other’s love lives. Eun-hui had dated Bang Ho-shik but broke up with him when she visited his family. He was from a poor family like her and had many younger siblings. She was already taking care of her own siblings and didn’t want any more burden. Ho-shik had cried when they broke up and now, Eun-hui feels guilty for how selfish she was. She believes that she has become too tough for love and will die alone.

Our Blues Episode 3 Recap: Eun-hui's Friends Exposes Han-su's Lie
Still From Our Blues Episode 3

Han-su refuses to talk about his family and leaves to get some stuff from the supermarket. While Eun-hui and Han-su are enjoying in Mokpo, Eun-hui’s friends have become suspicious of Han-su. In-gwon finds out from Han-su’s sister that he has gone completely bankrupt and has been asking for money from everyone. Ho-shik, In-gwon and Myeong-bo find his family pictures from social media and send them to Eun-hui. Eun-hui believes them after seeing the proof and is upset over Han-su.

She confronts Han-su about it and Han-su admits that he needed money but the trip also meant so much to him. He also expressed his care towards Eun-hui and tells her that he couldn’t ask her for money right away because he saw how her life had no joy and he was a cherishable memory to her that he didn’t want to ruin. He confesses that he needed money to keep his daughter’s dream alive because he couldn’t follow his dream.

Our Blues Episode 3 Ending – End of Eun-hui’s Fever Dream

Han-su leaves Mokpo first but Eun-hui tells her friends that even though Han-su lied, none of them has been a good friend to him. All of them took her side because she is rich and they should not have been biased because of money. Eun-hui sends money to Han-su the next day but he returns it and thanks Eun-hui for the gesture. He promises her to come back and treat all of his friends.

Our Blues Episode 3 Recap: Eun-hui's Friends Exposes Han-su's Lie
Still From Our Blues Episode 3

Han-su resigns from the bank and goes back to Seoul where his family is returning from the USA after 7 long years. He did all he could but now, he is happy to have them back. He goes on a road trip with them while trying to decide what to do next in life. He can pay off his debt from severance pay and since his daughter has quit golfing, he doesn’t need more money.

Our Blues Episode 3 Recap: Eun-hui's Friends Exposes Han-su's Lie
Still From Our Blues Episode 3

While Han-su is happily back with his family, Eun-hui cooks and sings alone at her home. She is back to where she always was. She wakes up, goes to the auction, sells the fish, comes back home, sleeps and does the same routine the next day. Han-su brought a little joy into her life but it also passed by, like a fever dream.

Our Blues Episode 3 Review

This episode was rather slow-paced as it moved towards the end of Han-su and Eun-hui’s story. Eun-hui flowed away in the feeling of first love that she ignored the fact that her first love is also an adult who she should rather not trust. Eun-hui is too criticising of herself but the hard times have not taken kindness away from her, opposite to her own belief. Han-su learnt to live after losing everything over his obsession. Eun-hui’s mundane life had a little change due to Han-su but her life is no fairytale and she goes back to her hustle soon. However, she accepts her life as it comes and moves on to the next page.

Our Blues is available to watch on Netflix.

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Our Blues episode 3 is rather slow-paced and ends with a bittersweet outcome for Han-su and Eun-hui.

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Our Blues episode 3 is rather slow-paced and ends with a bittersweet outcome for Han-su and Eun-hui.Our Blues Episode 3 Recap: Eun-hui's Friends Exposes Han-su's Lie