Our Blues Episode 17 Recap: Eun-gi Reveals Her Father’s Sickness Accidentally

Our Blues (우리들의 블루스) is a Korean drama series directed by Kim Kyu-tae and features Lee Byung-hun, Shin Min-a, Cha Seung-won, Lee Jung-eun, Han Ji-min, Kim Woo-bin, and Uhm Jung-hwa, alongside other cast members. The series has 20 episodes, and Our Blues Episode 17 is titled Chun-hui And Eun-gi 2 and has a runtime of 65 minutes.

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– Our Blues Episode 17 Recap contains spoilers –

In Our Blues Episode 17, Dong-seok’s mother calls him to take her to Mokpo for his step-father’s memorial day but denies her request angrily saying that he doesn’t even attend his own father’s memorial day. His mother still hasn’t told Dong-seok about her cancer and Eun-hui desperately wants to tell him. Her heart breaks seeing the ill relationship between the mother and daughter.

Our Blues Episode 17
Still from Our Blues Episode 17

Chun-hui prepares Eun-gi’s favourite breakfast for her now and gets relaxed when Eun-gi’s mother calls her. She asks her daughter-in-law if there is any problem between her and Man-su and that is the reason she has left Eun-gi with her. Man-su’s wife assures Chun-hui that he has done nothing to upset her. Moreover, he doesn’t do anything at all.

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Eun-gi is now friends with the girl that she had fought with when she first arrived in Jeju. She confides in her and tells her that her father is in hospital but she can not tell her grandmother because she is old and might collapse. She has been telling only what her mom had taught her. However, Dong-seok’s mother overhears the little girls talking and eventually, Chun-hui also finds out that Man-su is sick and is hospitalized.

Our Blues Episode 17
Still from Our Blues Episode 17

Chun-hui takes the first ferry to Mokpo and visits the Mokpo mart, only to find out that Man-su’s wife doesn’t work there anymore. She hears from an employee that she quit her job after her husband got into an accident and got hospitalized. She rushes to the hospital and reaches there before her daughter-in-law could. Man-su’s wife tells her the truth and also promises to take Eun-gi back in some days. Chun-hui tells her to leave Eun-gi to her and it breaks her heart to say that his wife can stop his life support if the doctor says so.

Our Blues Episode 17 Ending

Chun-hui is heartbroken and is not in her right mind. She tells Eun-gi that everything her dad told her is a lie. There are no hundred moons in Jeju and she cannot see them because he is never going to come to get her. Just a day after her return, Chun-hui receives a call from Mokpo which says that doctor has asked Man-su’s family to be prepared.

Our Blues OST: With You By Jimin and Ha Sung-woon

Chun-hui realizes that she has hurt Eun-gi because of her own pain but she pities the child who will lose her father soon. So far, she has done everything for her that her father had told her they would together. The only remaining promise was showing her hundred moons which fulfil your wish. The boat captains arrange their boats to create a hundred moons and Eun-gi wishes for her father’s health to them.

Our Blues Episode 17 Review

In Our Blues Episode 17, we see a sad story of an old woman whose all children left this world before her. Every time, one of her children was sick, she prayed to let them have her life but no one listened to her prayers. Now, her only son alive is also on a deathbed. She has prayed to the hundred moon like a child, hoping at least this time, her prayers would be heard.

Our Blues Episode 17 is available to watch on Netflix.

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In Our Blues Episode 17, Chun-hui is heartbroken after she finds out about Man-su.

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Our Blues Episode 17 Recap: Eun-gi Reveals Her Father's Sickness AccidentallyIn Our Blues Episode 17, Chun-hui is heartbroken after she finds out about Man-su.