Our Blues Episode 16 Recap: Chun-hui’s Grand-daughter Visits Her In Jeju

Our Blues (우리들의 블루스) is a Korean drama series directed by Kim Kyu-tae and features Lee Byung-hun, Shin Min-a, Cha Seung-won, Lee Jung-eun, Han Ji-min, Kim Woo-bin, and Uhm Jung-hwa, alongside other cast members. The series has 20 episodes, and Our Blues Episode 16 is titled Chun-hui And Eun-gi 1 and has a runtime of 72 minutes.

Netflix describes the series as:


– Our Blues Episode 16 Recap contains spoilers –

In Our Blues Episode 16, we see Chun-hui’s only son Man-su’s family living in Seoul. Man-su had two old brothers but they died due to measles at an early age. He plans to live with his mother in Jeju next year. He is married and has a daughter named Eun-gi. He has promised to take her to Jeju and give her a ride in a moon boat. Man-su has told her a lot of things about her grandmother and Eun-gi is excited to meet her.

Our Blues Episode 16
Still from Our Blues Episode 16

The next day after coming back from their camping trip, Man-su gets into an accident and goes into Coma. His wife has taken up two part-time jobs and she cannot take care of Eun-gi while doing two jobs and looking after her husband hence, she decides to send Eun-gi to Jeju. She has taught Eun-gi to tell her grandmother that Man-su is working on an island and cannot receive calls.

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Grandmother Chun-hui is happy to spend some time with her granddaughter since her mother is going to pick her up in two weeks. Eun-gi is still young and is very stubborn. She refuses to eat the food made by Chun-hui and wants to eat the food that she eats in Seoul. She starts crying but Chun-hui tells her that if she doesn’t listen to her, she will call her parents and tell them to never take Eun-gi back to Seoul. Eun-gi gets scared and listens to everything that Chun-hui says.

Our Blues Episode 16
Still from Our Blues Episode 16

Chun-hui gets late to the market because Eun-gi didn’t wake up on time. Some of the women inquire about Eun-gi and her mother and ask Chun-hui if her daughter-in-law has abandoned Eun-gi because she has affair with another man. This has already happened in their town but Chun-hui doesn’t pay heed to them. However, she gets angry when Eun-gi starts crying and says that her mom is not that kind of person.

Our Blues Episode 16 Ending

Everyone in Pureung knows Man-su and Eun-gi gets a lot of attention from everyone as his daughter. She hangs out with everyone and doesn’t worry about getting lost because she can tell anyone that she is Chun-hui’s granddaughter and anyone will bring her back home. While playing with a girl her age, who has been abandoned by her mother, Eun-gi gets into a fight with her. The girl tells Eun-gi that she has been abandoned by her mother and Eun-gi throws sand in her eyes.

Our Blues OST: With You By Jimin and Ha Sung-woon

Chun-hui scolds Eun-gi but she won’t stop crying. She has started thinking that something is not right because both Man-su and his wife are not picking up calls. In Seoul, Man-su is fighting for his life and his wife can only stand and see him from the outside. She cannot bring herself to tell Chun-hui that her only son alive is also at the death’s door.

Our Blues Episode 16 Review

Our Blues Episode 16 is refreshing with the entry of a child character and we get to see yet another different relationship after lovers, friends, frenemies, mother-son etc. In the next episode, we will get to see the attachment between a mother and a son who live far away from each other to make money.

Our Blues Episode 16 is available to watch on Netflix.

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In Our Blues Episode 16, Chun-hui wonders if Eun-gi's mother has abandoned her in Jeju.


  1. Its episode 16, NO ONE CARES about the kid or the family u tried to introduce to the series now. Hope someone finds the director and script writer and slaps them in the face. Get back to the dam series!!!!!

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Our Blues Episode 16 Recap: Chun-hui's Grand-daughter Visits Her In JejuIn Our Blues Episode 16, Chun-hui wonders if Eun-gi's mother has abandoned her in Jeju.