Our Beloved Summer Episode 9 and Episode 10 Recap: Choi Woo-shik and Kim Da-mi Turn Friends?

Our Beloved Summer, or Geu Hae Urineu/그 해 우리는, is a Kdrama TV series directed by Kim Yoon-jin and stars Choi Woo-shik, Kim Da-mi, Park Jin-joo and Kim Sung-cheol, alongside other cast members. The series has 16 episodes. Our Beloved Summer episode 9 has a runtime of 60 minutes and is titled Just Friends and Our Beloved Summer episode 10 has a runtime of 61 minutes and is titled Hello, My Soul Mate.

Years after filming a viral documentary in high school, two bickering ex-lovers get pulled back in front of the camera — and into each other’s lives.

– Our Beloved Summer episode 9 recap contains major spoilers –

Our Beloved Summer episode 9

Ah, the sadness of heartbreak and loving someone you can’t have. Man, you feel bad for him although he can kind of get on your nerves. We all have times like that right? Moments where we are left to love silently and not say anything because otherwise, it’d be too complicated and too messy.

Another messy situation is that of Yeon-su and Ung. After that very romantic kiss under the pouring rain, it’s no wonder that there is going to be some confusing feelings for the two of them. While Yeon-su is unable to sleep, Ung has caught a terrible cold. Yeon-su is totally out of it at work as well and her colleagues wonder what could’ve happened during the break. Meanwhile, Ung has a heart-to-heart with his mother in Our Beloved Summer episode 9.

our beloved summer episode 9
Still From Our Beloved Summer episode 9

After hearing from Sol-i that Ung is just playing her, Yeon-su, heartbroken, goes to meet a still unwell Ung. It’s confrontation time and Yeon-su isn’t having any of Ung’s silliness. She straight-up asks him whether he is a douchebag. She rants about whether these days people just casually kiss and act like it never happened these days. She asks him what he wants to do and he tells her that he can’t date her again. However, he proposes that they be friends.

Hilariously, Yeon-su wakes up the next morning and acts as if nothing happened – she tells a shocked Ung that he is her first friend and she is excited about it. Ung’s face is hilarious. Things get a little awkward though when they both ask each other about their relationship with NJ and Ji-ung respectively. On the other hand, Ji-ung has a tough time accepting her mother’s affection.

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our beloved summer episode 9
Still From Our Beloved Summer episode 9

At the end of their friendly staycation though, Yeon-su has had enough and asks him what he is thinking. However, Ung says that he didn’t have any such thoughts and that he just wanted to be friends. Yeon-su doesn’t believe him and rather takes the drawing of the amusement park where they broke up for the fourth time. When the doorbell rings, they rush to see whether their dinner has arrived but are rather greeted by Ji-ung.

In the epilogue, Ji-ung is interviewing NJ and when Ung and Yeon-su arrive, she asks whether the three of them had a fight since they are looking at each other weirdly.

– Our Beloved Summer episode 10 recap contains major spoilers –

Our Beloved Summer episode 10

NJ starts this episode with her life and how she met Ung and why she started liking him. It’s a heartwarming moment where NJ is seen crying in front of Ung’s paintings. However, you can see that her interest in her is genuine – she is very much smitten with Ung.

Back to Ung and Yeon-su though, it’s an awkward encounter where the two of them try to justify why Yeon-su is there but Ji-ung essentially tells them to chill. Yeon-su then rushes out of his house. Ji-ung volunteers to stay at Ung’s home but their conversation doesn’t go anywhere since Ji-ung starts to say nonsense and Ung asks him to go to sleep before he kicks him out.

The next morning, Ung is shocked to find Ji-ung filming at his house with NJ. Yeon-su gets there as well and it’s an awkward encounter when NJ tells him that the reason why she is filming at his place is that they have a date later. Yeon-su is left shocked, but before they can register what is going on, NJ drags Ung out to eat.

our beloved summer episode 10
Still From Our Beloved Summer episode 10

At the restaurant, the two have a nice chat in Our Beloved Summer episode 10 where Ung tells NJ that she doesn’t need people to understand her point of view. It doesn’t matter what strangers think about her. His words resonate with her and she tells him that he is a nice, carefree and likeable person. Meanwhile, Yeon-su just cannot stop talking about Ung in front of Ji-ung.

The friend status has really gotten to Yeon-su, who cannot think past Ung now. The fact that Sol-i had told her that she has a crush on Ung makes it worse. As Ung goes to meet her to give her pouch back, Yeon-su also realises that she has a crush on him. An awkward and, frankly insulting, dinner with Yeon-su and her grandmother later, Ung leaves and Yeon-su confesses to her grandmother that she dumped Ung and that she still likes him.

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our beloved summer episode 10
Still From Our Beloved Summer episode 10

The next day, on Ji-ung’s birthday, Ung’s parents send him food which brings Ung to his office. There, he watches the footage that Ji-ung has been editing of Yeon-su. Meanwhile, Ji-ung is upset after seeing the food that his mother has left for him. He meets Yeon-su and he asks her whether his mother just forgot or whether she is not interested to know anything about him.

In the epilogue, in November 2010, Ji-ung asks Ung whether he can sleepover at his place as his mother walks off. That’s how their sleepovers started. The night before, in the present, the two friends chat with each other about Ji-ung’s mother.

Final Thoughts: Our Beloved Summer episode 9 and episode 10

our beloved summer episode 10
Still From Our Beloved Summer episode 10

These last two episodes of Our Beloved Summer have been full of emotions and take into account a lot of different people. NJ’s perspective is new, although I don’t understand where she’s taking her liking for Ung. I understand that she is craving affection from him but I think she’s really pushing herself on him. He’s clearly struggling with his feelings for Yeon-su while the latter’s feelings are pretty clear at this point. I also feel for Ji-ung, but again, I fail to understand where he is going with these feelings that he has for Yeon-su.

All in all, these two episodes have been super emotional and I am interested to know how long Ung can keep up this “just friends” charade because Yeon-su will clearly break in the next episode.

Our Beloved Summer is streaming on Netflix.

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Our Beloved Summer episode 9 and episode 10 recap tells us the fallout after that fated kiss... culminating into the much-feared "just friends" phase.


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