Our Beloved Summer Episode 5 Recap: Choi Woo-shik Still Feels For Kim Da-mi?

Our Beloved Summer, or Geu Hae Urineu, is a Kdrama TV series directed by Kim Yoon-jin and stars Choi Woo-shik, Kim Da-mi, Park Jin-joo and Kim Sung-cheol, alongside other cast members. The series has 16 episodes. Our Beloved Summer episode 5 has a runtime of 61 minutes long and is called A Truth That Can’t Be Told.

Netflix describes the series as:

Years after filming a viral documentary in high school, two bickering ex-lovers get pulled back in front of the camera — and into each other’s lives.

– Our Beloved Summer episode 5 recap contains major spoilers –

Starting off where we left off in the last episode, Our Beloved Summer episode 5 has Ung angry and disappointed in Yeon-su. Going back to when Ung and Ji-ung were kids, the latter describes how he was jealous of Ung at first… but, it’s actually a story of how they became friends. Man, it’s so heartwarming! Ji-ung’s secret, that the episode is named after, is also a sad one – one where he always comes second… or so he thought.

Anyway, back to the present, Yeon-su is pissed too at Do-yul, but remains calm and collected when she asks him to apologise to Ung. He says that he is disappointed in her since he thought that she was more like him. Unfortunately, though, she tells him that she isn’t emotional, just empathetic. What he did provides that he lacks empathy and doesn’t respect the artist and their art. Thus, he will need to apologise to him and she will help to pick up the pieces. Do-yul looks impressed.

As we see more of Ung’s relationship with Yeon-su and how much he is attached to her, Ung feels relatable and real. It’s nice to watch these throwbacks, thanks to Ji-ung. They add some much-needed emotion and backstory to our characters and humanize them more.

our beloved summer episode 5
Still From Our Beloved Summer episode 5

Anyway, the next day, Yeon-su decides to apologise to Ung. However, she rethinks about the why and the how and at the end of the day, her ego and fear of “loosing” causes her to have cold feet. Meanwhile, Ji-ung asks Ung why he hasn’t talked to Yeon-su to sort everything out yet. Ung tries to deviate from the conversation, but Ji-ung tells him that he is angry because of Yeon-su in general, and less so because of what happened. It’s because he still has feelings for her.

Ung gets annoyed with his questions in Our Beloved Summer episode 5 and asks him why he is interested all of a sudden. Ji-ung tells him that he doesn’t have anything new to know since he already knows everything. We see that Ung leaves without bidding Eun-ho goodbye. Ji-ung, meanwhile, goes to meet NJ to shoot a special segment. It turns out they know each other from before and NJ says some hearty stories from when she was shooting some time ago.

Things get a little tense when Ung comes over to Sol-yi’s bar and is shocked to see Yeon-su. She tries to apologise to him, but he says that he’s sorry – he shouldn’t have said the things he did. She tells him that her team and Soen Shop will both produce a formal apology. However, Ung tells her that that’s not necessary – he will work with Nu-a. When she starts to ask him whether he brushed Do-yul’s behaviour off, Ung tells her calmly that he will take care of it. Taken aback as to how different Ung feels, she just accepts his response in Our Beloved Summer episode 5.

our beloved summer episode 5
Still From Our Beloved Summer episode 5

Ung feels really formal as he continues to say that he will start to work on the project and be done with it within a week. He further says that he will try to be civil for the documentary as well and apologises for being childish. Yeon-su feels uncomfortable with this whole exchange – it seems like something is wrong and out of place with Ung in Our Beloved Summer episode 5. As the documentary continues and the crew asks the pair what they feel after meeting each other after so long, Ung’s cool and calculated response makes Yeon-su’s heart heavy.

The next day, in Our Beloved Summer episode 5, everyone at Yeon-su’s firm talk about the timeline Ung has given. According to it, he will work for 19 hours per day and will also record his workflow. Plus, whatever he doesn’t finish will be drawn live on the day of the opening. As work commences, we see everyone giving it their best to make Soen Shop’s opening a success. However, it feels like Ung’s motivations might just be a bit more than a shop’s success.

our beloved summer episode 5
Still From Our Beloved Summer episode 5

The night before the opening, Yeon-su calls Ung, but after getting voicemail, calls Ji-ung instead. However, he doesn’t know where or how Ung is either. After exchanging some formalities, she goes home. But even at home, she is frustrated at not being able to contact him and oscillates between wanting to call him and not. However, in the end, she does end up at his place. She is super awkward and tells him that he is amazing where he tells her that he finished 95 hours of work. As she is about to leave though, he holds her hand and asks her whether she wants to stay over.

In the epilogue, we see Ung’s conversation with Do-yul where he accepts to work with Nu-a. He asks Do-yul whether he can ask a personal question, but refrains from actually asking it. However, Do-yul is able to easily read him and tells him that it seems like Ung isn’t over Yeon-su yet. However, as long as both of their personal feelings don’t interfere with the project, he doesn’t care. And, also, he likes Yeon-su as a business partner, only because she is very talented. This is where Do-yul drops a bomb though – he tells Ung that he should be worried about someone else, not him. I guess he did tell Ung about his suspicions, but we don’t see that particular exchange.

Final Thoughts: Our Beloved Summer episode 5

our beloved summer episode 5
Still From Our Beloved Summer episode 5

Our Beloved Summer episode 5 has a lot of feelings associated with it – first off, it’s about Ji-ung and then, of course, it’s about Ung and Yeon-su. The former is a sad story, starting from when Ji-ung was a kid and very much left alone to fend for himself. His backstory about how he became friends with Ung is extremely emotional and necessary to know both of these characters. Meanwhile, Ung and Yeon-su’s side of the story, the way Yeon-su still feels for her ex-boyfriend and about her complex thought process, come alive here. These feel like real people who make stupid decisions that will infuriate many. However, that’s what made me feel some type of way about this episode.

Our Beloved Summer is streaming on Netflix.

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Our Beloved Summer episode 5 is heartbreaking and heartwarming, with the flashbacks winning this episode.


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Our Beloved Summer Episode 5 Recap: Choi Woo-shik Still Feels For Kim Da-mi?Our Beloved Summer episode 5 is heartbreaking and heartwarming, with the flashbacks winning this episode.