Only You (2021) Review: Janine Gutierrez, Pepe Herrera Film Ends on a Damper

Only You, or Ikaw, is a drama film directed by Marla Ancheta and stars Janine Gutierrez, Pepe Herrera, and Pilita Corrales, alongside other cast members. The movie has a runtime of 109 minutes.

Netflix describes the movie as:

Back in her hometown for her grandmother’s birthday, a real estate agent reconnects with a childhood friend, bringing new possibilities in life and love.

– Only You review or Ikaw review does not contain spoilers –

The movie starts with Dee on the most awkward and annoying date ever. Janine Gutierrez’s facial expressions are hilarious and relatable. She looks like she’s in pain throughout and you’ll totally understand the cringe within the short interaction. Either way, it sets a precedent for what successful, headstrong and beautiful Dee has to face in the dating game. A relatable set of incidents make the opening moments of the movie intriguing and funny.

The rest of Only You takes place at Dee’s grandmother’s home where she finds love and figures out life, albeit with some problems while on the road. Ok so, Edong’s first impressions are bringing things to Grandma’s house, being smitten with Dee and day drinking. I mean, he’s a nice guy, but he gazes at Dee with a puppy dog face which can have very confusing impressions depending on the situation at hand. Plus, he drinks a lot, it’s actually alarming. Although no one else bats an eye about this, and I wonder why? Will this factor in somewhere in the storyline?

ikaw / only you

Either way, Only You is sometimes sweet although it showcases some very odd things that might make you cringe. I am not aware of the cultural connotations, but Edong asking Lola permission before “courting” Dee is just so odd. Sure, people might do it out of respect, but still, it just feels so strange in this day and age. Probably ask the girl who has a crush on you first whether she’d be interested to go out with you? Plus, there’s this weird short scene where a (possibly) effeminate and/or gay guy hits on Manny out of the blue. Moreover, the slut shaming did not miss my eyes either. The last two are played off as funny scenes, but… are they?

That aside, Ikaw has moments that are adorable. I liked the protagonists’ chemistry and their love story doesn’t contain out-of-the-world and unachievable romance. It’s pretty down to earth, which I liked. For those of you who like sweet, achievable romantic stories with some drama peppered here and there, this will be for you. Although I must say, the story does not have much in terms of newness. The storyline is quite predictable and you’ll be able to figure out what’s going to happen from the moment Dee comes home – at least the first half, that is.

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The pacing feels a bit off, however. It goes slow at first, which is fine, you know. Slowing building up the person and the relationships. And then it’s helicopter position, matching tattoos and dead bodies all of a sudden. The ending half an hour is the weakest of the plot, with too much happening too fast for you to catch your breath. And honestly, it just feels too forced. There’s no reason for incidents of this magnitude to take place, but it does, maybe for the shock factor? But then again, what do you expect when you’re surrounded by day drinkers?

Summing up: Only You

ikaw / only you

Only You ruins the experience with that horrendously over-the-top ending. The movie starts off slow-paced and I liked how relatable it was. Like, sure, you might have to stay back with your sick grandmother, sometimes people don’t have a choice. But that “twist” that the movie delivers comes out of the left field and feels forced and rushed. Ikaw, essentially, shoots itself in the foot.

Only You is streaming on Netflix.

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Only You, or Ikaw, starts on a relatable note but the ending is just such a damper!


  1. For me its a 5 star ⭐️ movie. The actors and actresses are really good. They we’re acting so natural. The story has alot of twist and it was unpredictable.

  2. 4.5/5 stars. Very realistic movie and the actors had this chemistry to them. Not your typical Filipino Rom-Com. If you are trying to watch a Filipino film with some friends on discord, this is the way to go. Movie did seem pretty rushed, however good film.

  3. As a Bicolano, I do relate with the drinking. It’s not that alarming. Lol. I do miss being in Bicol. The courting (asking for permission) is still pretty much practiced in small towns this day and age.

  4. I love the movie. As a Filipino I can attest to the plot of the story as realistic. Main characters acting was natural and well done. I give 5 stars , for making me feel emotional at the end 🥲, it was a good cry,

  5. I was close to posting in FB how light and feel good movie it is and then the twist about 30 minutes before the ending. I felt like the sad ending wasn’t very necessary. I should have stopped watching after the wedding🙂.

  6. I was close to posting in FB how light and feel good movie it is and then the twist about 30 minutes before the ending. I felt like the sad ending wasn’t very necessary. I should have stopped watching after the honeymoon scene🙂.

  7. Sana mag karoon nang sequel ang only you o ikaw nila janine at peppi herrera. Ang ganda. Buhay sana si edong at nag ma amnisia lang. tas mapapadpad sa lugar kung saan ang magiging love interest naman nya ay si rits azul. Pero syempre dahil nga kasal na sya kay janine o kay dee babalik naman unti unti ang ala ala nya at malalaman nya kung gaano nya kamahal si dee. Yun lang. hihihi.

  8. It is a charming story about natural
    Way of
    Living plus a little bit of twist … I real admire the producers and directors on how they played the natural way of acting . 5 stars

  9. I think the actors portrayed their characters very well. I don’t really enjoy watching Filipino romantic -comedy movies but when I started watching it – it was actually an interesting funny movie. Not predictable at all.

  10. The ending to the movie wasn’t a good twist at all. Honestly it just made me mad because it felt super unnecessary and it didn’t fit the flow of the movie at all. Would have been a better ending without the death so rushed.

  11. I love everything in it! Honestly the story and ending was not predictable! I was really shocked what just happened! But its really realistic! I think the last time I went to Bicol is year 2002 ! I would love to go there when we can travel home again!

  12. overall i loved the movie.. the chemistry i love them both simple and you’ll gonna love. But unfortunately the ending shocked me to the core! like WTF??!!….. i hope there is a part 2. I will definitely gonna watch it.

    • Hoping din may part 2. Di kase pinakita paano nawala si edong nang ganun ganun lang,. Maybe manny get rid of him, baka nag seselos of inlove din sya kay edong.

  13. Don’t waste your time with this movie. The director and writer can’t produce a good movie. They lack the skill and the talent. My rating is -100. My star rating is -5 stars, This movie was just as bad as Kita Kita.. What is wrong with filipino movies these days. If i wanted reality TV I’d watch the news.

  14. Great acting for 2 main character, feel good movie, good story. Surprisingly for tagalog movie in Netflix… So far the best tagalog movie I’ve seen in Netflix. #HighlyRecommended #MustSeeMovie

  15. *********************************************SPOILER WARNING*************************: Manny has been in love with Edong all his life and got jealous that he found someone to love and spend his life with so he got rid of him. Watch it again with that in mind.
    Other than that, this movie really drags and acting is meh. It is nice that grandma and granddaughter made a movie together but it just wasn’t that good.

    • That’s what i thought too sana magkaroon nang part 2, kase obviously my twist sya eh, di man lang pinakita how it happen na nalunod or biglang nawala si edong,

  16. I suspect kinuha si Edong ng isang Diwata or sirena…tuloy na sana kasayahan tapos ganon Lang natapos; isang tragedy.

    Relatable naman at maaaring totoo ang nangyari in a real life situation but not coherent sa flow ng story. Sana, at least pinakita muna na nagkaroon ng isang typhoon or tragic accident Pero bigla na lang nag appear ang scene. Anyway; the writer is the navigator of the story based sa budgetary constraint ng producers.

  17. Can we appreciate how Filipino culture is enriched in this movie? This made me miss everything from Philippines. Story is so relatable to some. Janine and Pepe’s acting is superb natural! The twist was already hinted from the story but I kinda hope the writer made a different ending. I still like it. Would recommend to my friends and family. 4.5/5!

  18. Ending makes me angry! Atleast have something like Dee is pregnant 🤦🏽‍♀️… could have ended it properly!! Well I hope there is a part 2

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