Nine Perfect Strangers Review: Nicole Kidman’s Got All the Creepy Vibes

Nine Perfect Strangers is a TV show created by John-Henry Butterworth and David E. Kelley, directed by Jonathan Levine and starring Nicole Kidman, Melissa McCarthy, Michael Shannon, Luke Evans, Asher Keddie, Samara Weaving, Melvin Gregg, Manny Jacinto and Tiffany Boone, alongside other cast members.

– Nine Perfect Strangers review does not contain spoilers –

Nine Perfect Strangers starts with the weirdest and most existential opening that makes you feel like you don’t understand the world. And then we meet our nine perfect strangers. All with issues of their own that they want to get over. Tranquillum House, as the place is called, is run by the mysterious Masha.

In the first episode itself, titled Random Acts of Mayhem, you get the full cult vibes. The place screams cult to me in every way possible. Yet, these people agree to everything that Tranquillum throws at them with nary a care in the world. When Masha is introduced, there’s background music that gives us a feeling as if she’s some kind of god.

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However, Nine Perfect Strangers looks absolutely beautiful. Beautiful in every which way possible. The cinematography is amazing, the location is wonderful and stays with you and the people are so very beautiful. At one point, Jessica says that they have beautiful skin… and I have to agree. Holy moly!

Let me just take a minute to talk about how absolutely talented and amazing Nicole Kidman is. Of course, we already know this. But still, Kidman as Masha is absolutely horrifying. I don’t understand how people are so enchanted by her and not running in the opposite direction, but well.

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Nine Perfect Strangers is interesting as all heck. It’s really uncomfortable to watch. The Critical Path, which is the second episode, has the nine lying in a grave that they themselves dug. That moment when Jessica meets Marsha one-on-one is absolutely visceral. However, Samara Weaving is to be congratulated for that. She’s awesome.

Although there are quite a few episodes to go, Nine Perfect Strangers is interesting as heck and keeps you guessing as to which direction it’s going to go. Is there something going on with Masha? Or are the guests the ones who we should be looking out for?

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Summing up: Nine Perfect Strangers Episodes 1-3

nine perfect strangers

Nine Perfect Strangers is an interesting watch with its annoying and equally striking characters and excellent acting. The first three episodes are engaging, mysterious and kinda scary. Also, if milkshake making makes you particularly aroused, you’d love this one.

Nine Perfect Strangers is streaming on Amazon Prime Video.

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Nine Perfect Strangers is a weirdly confusing and interesting series that really gives you chills.

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Nine Perfect Strangers Review: Nicole Kidman's Got All the Creepy VibesNine Perfect Strangers is a weirdly confusing and interesting series that really gives you chills.