Nine Perfect Strangers Episode 7 Recap: Wheels on the Bus

Nine Perfect Strangers is a TV show created by John-Henry Butterworth and David E. Kelley, directed by Jonathan Levine and starring Nicole Kidman, Melissa McCarthy, Michael Shannon, Luke Evans, Asher Keddie, Samara Weaving, Melvin Gregg, Manny Jacinto and Tiffany Boone, alongside other cast members. Nine Perfect Strangers episode 7 is titled Wheels on the Bus.

Amazon’s description of Nine Perfect Strangers reads:

“Nine Perfect Strangers” follows nine very different people who arrive at Tranquillum House, a mysterious wellness retreat that promises “total transformation”. Once there, the guests fall under the spell of the enigmatic Masha, who will stop at nothing to heal them. As the days unfold, however, Masha’s unorthodox methods threaten to push this combustible group over the edge.

– Nine Perfect Strangers episode 7 recap contains spoilers –

Nine Perfect Strangers episode 7 recap

Nine Perfect Strangers episode 7 starts with a flashback – Masha’s daughter, Tatiana, dying due to a driving accident. Masha, in the present time, cries and wonders, “if not now, when? I will be there soon.” That thought is cut short when Carmel has a breakdown and attacks Masha, thinking she’s Lillian and tries to strangle her. Frances is shocked to see Masha and Yao wheeling Carmel away while the latter apologises profusely.

Meanwhile, Napolean, Heather and Zoe are having a conversation about letting Masha drug them so that they can feel close to Zach. It’s a slippery slope – both the parents are very much interested in doing this crazy stuff, while Zoe is the only reasonable one. The parents are hell-bent on it though, much to their daughter’s frustration who tells them that this is not the way to have their family back.

While all of this is happening, Frances tells Tony, Lars, Jessica and Ben what she saw. All of them are concerned about what’s going on and Lars goes off to talk to Masha. Meanwhile, Frances has a hallucination that Tony is telling her to leave this place and build a life together but is left embarrassed when she holds his hand and that doesn’t turn out to be true. The others are concerned about the smoothies and what they are doing to them.

Lars talks to Masha in Nine Perfect Strangers episode 7 and tells her that he knows about the man who died at the retreat last year. That his wife claims that Masha killed him. As that discussion spirals, Frances comes in and starts to tell Masha about what Tony just told her. She seems to be going off the hinges as well. Masha talks to her and tries to give her thoughts a direction.

Carmel is now up and feeling quite guilty in Nine Perfect Strangers episode 7. Yao comes in to check on her and it’s clear that she is being held in a room alone. Meanwhile, Masha is now talking to Zoe and her family about dosing them together. Zoe is not convinced and seems unsure of doing this, which I totally support because as she says previously, Masha isn’t a doctor. But thanks to Lars, who told her that a doctor was the one who prescribed Zach’s asthma medication, Zoe is unsure whom to trust and what’s right.

Anyway, the four decide to meet at 4 to do the experiment. Masha asks Yao to keep an eye on Carmel while telling Delilah to take care of the others and keep them away from the Marconis. Delilah, however, is not ok with this plan and gets into a tiff with Masha, who blows away her concerns. Delilah then tells Yao that it’s not safe and that they should leave because someone will get hurt again. However, Yao seems unconvinced.

Meanwhile, Frances and Tony talk about themselves and about the drugs in the sauna in Nine Perfect Strangers episode 7. She tells him her fears of being heartbroken by Tony who tells her that she knows everything about him and maybe that’s the problem. Frances breaks off their budding romance because she just can’t trust herself or him to not go through a horrible breakup.

Ben and Jessica are a little underdeveloped in Nine Perfect Strangers episode 7, however, they share a sweet moment at the hot spring where they decide to renew their vows. At least something is going good! Meanwhile, Lars talks to Masha about the fact that the last time someone got the dosage the Marconis were given, the person ended up dead. So, she lied to them about how successful the method was. However, she just brushes it off and tells him to either join the experiment or leave.

Yao walks in on Delilah packing her bags in Nine Perfect Strangers episode 7, who tells him that she is leaving this place before anything bad happens to the Marconis and is going to the police. Because Masha is preying on good people who lost a child for her own gain. However, before we can think of that, Zoe tells Masha that Frances is sitting on the edge of a cliff and is maybe about to jump. However, when Masha finds her, Frances and she discuss their pain and suffering and the former seems calm.

Delilah, however, is unable to leave as the gate won’t open. She calls Masha to open it, but the latter is annoyed and refuses to let her leave. Delilah drives over the fence and rushes off, convinced of going to the police. Masha is annoyed and goes off to meet the Marconis. The family is hesitant to go through with this, since, you know. It’s dangerous. That’s when Masha tells them that she will also take the drug with them and guide them and Yao will help them all.

As Masha goes off to meet Carmel, she tells Yao to be with the Marconis and tells him to repair the gate. As Carmel packs her bags to leave, telling her that she needs to go to a hospital, Masha manipulates her to stay because, according to her, her medicines are far more effective than whatever they will give her.

Shit, however, really hits the fan when Carmel tells her that it’s not safe for her to be around Masha and one of her eyes is blue. Is she part of the group thing that shot Masha before? Is this Masha hallucinating? The last episode might shed some light on that.

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Nine Perfect Strangers episode 7 pushes everyone over the edge. Are the wheels on the bus truly coming undone?

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Nine Perfect Strangers Episode 7 Recap: Wheels on the BusNine Perfect Strangers episode 7 pushes everyone over the edge. Are the wheels on the bus truly coming undone?