New Heights Review: Julian Koechlin’s Family Drama is Moving and Beautiful

Netflix’s latest Swiss series titled New Heights aks Neumatt is a family drama that will touch everyone. Created by Marianne Wendt, the show stars Julian Koechlin in the central role of Michi Wyss along with Benito Bause as Joel Bachmann, Roeland Wiesnekker as Martin Halter, Rachel Braunschweig as Katharina Wyss, Sophie Hutter as Sarah Wyss, Jérôme Humm as Lorenz Wyss, Anouk Petri as Angelina Wyss, Miriam Maertens as Caroline Mosse, Judith Hofmann as Ursula Halter, Nicola Perot as Döme Boveri and others. The series consists of eight episodes in total, each episode with a runtime of 45-50 minutes.

– Netflix’s Neumatt aka New Heights Review Does Not Contain Spoilers –

New Heights: A Story of Self-Determination & New Responsibilities

Netflix’s latest series hits a chord when it comes to playing with family conflict, drama, resolution and responsibility. It gives us a detached and angry protagonist but, by the end leaves all the characters and audiences invested and moved by the story told.

We meet Michi Wyss, our protagonist, a successful financial consultant living a calm and high-end life. But, Michi’s city life slowly falls apart when he receives a chilling phone call from his family back in the village that his father has killed himself. As a legacy, there is just debt that the family is drowning into, and their only hope of rescuing themselves and their farm is Michi.

With a mother and two siblings stuck helpless in the village, it all comes down to Michi’s one decision- would he like to go back to the place he escaped out of responsibility or would he like to continue with the new life he has built and live with a pang of perpetual guilt? New Heights takes us on the journey Michi decides for himself that might just change his life forever.

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New Heights is an exploratory tale. The series takes up the serious issue of mental health that has given rise to the consistently increasing rate of suicide amongst farmers and life in rural areas that demand to be explored and fuses it into this one story. Being an Alice through the looking glass, the screen transforms into a place where we see people dangling between the thread of breaking free and living with the burden of responsibilities. Furthermore, the series intricately shows us a common but, pressing family dynamic that needs to be addressed more often.

But what hammers the nail of perfection in this series is definitely the actors playing characters that are engaging, interesting, complicated yet relatable. It is no wonder because the entire cast is made up of talented actors from the Swiss film industry, who know what they are doing and guide us not only through the story told but, the psyche of the characters they are playing. It is heartbreaking and overwhelming all at the same time.

New Heights: Final Verdict

Overall, New Heights is fresh, new and an important show. It questions our intentions towards family, friends, love and life, in general. It does not hold back with being raw and vulnerable, peeling the story at its core layer after layer, and making us wait and contemplate at every pause. The visuals are appealing and so is the rich drama that hits your heart. It is surely a piece in the world of cinema that everyone should stream. And, with the world facing a pandemic together, there is no better time to tune into this than now.

You can watch all the eight episodes of New Heights aka Neumatt now streaming on Netflix.

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Netflix's New Heights is an exploratory tale of family, love and self.

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Netflix's New Heights is an exploratory tale of family, love and self.New Heights Review: Julian Koechlin's Family Drama is Moving and Beautiful