Netrikann (2021) Review: Nayanthara Thriller is Gripping

Netrikann is a drama-thriller crime film directed by Milind Rau, and starring Nayanthara, Ajmal Ameer, Manikandan, Lizzie Antony and Sacchin Nachiappan, alongside other cast members.

Disney+ Hostar describes Netrikann as:

When fear grips Chennai as girls get abducted in the city, blind ex-cop Durga becomes the prime witness in the case and the kidnapper’s object of obsession.

– Netrikann review does not contain spoilers –

Netrikann starts off with an accident that renders Durga blind and her brother dead. However, she is determined to win over the tragedy and helping her is the most adorable dog, Kanna, and he’s such a good boy!! Ok, I am done fangirling. We then see a naked and bruised girl running around in a house and then being brutally tortured. It’s like 50 Shades of Grey, but worse.

Trigger warning for violence against women and animals.

Netrikann starts off strong. And I mean very strong. It’s interesting and intriguing. That is mostly because Durga as a protagonist is excellent. She’s strong and doesn’t let her disability get in the way. Additionally, our antagonist, too, is pretty strong and is very scary and believable. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to enjoy the true horror of it all, because a lot of the scary stuff is censored because mature Indian audiences might just get scared.

Anyway, so, after a fateful and scary meeting with our antagonist, Durga and SI Manikandan start investigating the ordeal and Netrikann holds on to its pace so deliciously well. The atmosphere is thrilling and keeps giving moments that will keep you at the edge of your seat. The only annoying thing is that no one picks up their phone when it’s necessary.

Netrikann (2021) Review: Nayanthara Thriller is Gripping 9

As Netrikann goes deeper into the story it just gets murkier. The intensity only rises from there but you can’t help be angry at some of these people’s stupid decisions. For example, keeping your phone on ring when you’re out to nab a criminal – why would you do that?

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However, Netrikann, in spite of being thrilling throughout, does drag after a while. It’s just that, we see similar things happening constantly, mostly because people make silly decisions without thinking. Additionally, the entire last part of the film seems unnecessary and simply added to pad the runtime. By that point, you are aware of everyone’s strengths and weaknesses and what everyone is capable of. You have already felt the thrill of the cat and mouse chase. So, this entirely unnecessary addition really doesn’t do much.

Another gripe I have with Netrikann is that James’s reasoning for being a deranged killer and going after Durga seems a bit forced. However, I do like Durga’s feminist mindset so that’s a win in my book.

Nayanthara and Ajmal Ameer are forces of nature in Netrikann. Listen, Nayanthara is great anyway, we all know this. But Ameer is absolutely horrifying and scary to watch, he’s a worthy opponent to Nayanthara’s Durga. It’s great to watch the two go up against each other.

Summing up: Netrikann review

Netrikann starts strong and delivers its thrills really well. It’s paced great and the cat and mouse chase, too, is top-notch. However, it suffers when it tries to redo it at the end of the movie, adding nothing new or significant to something we have already seen. Regardless, Netrikann is a fun watch, and Nayanthara and Ajmal Ameer make this absolutely fun.

Netrikann is streaming on Disney+ Hotstar.

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Netrikann is a fun and thrilling ride but slightly falters due to its length and unnecessary additions at the end.

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