Netflix’s ‘Urzila Carlson: Overqualified Loser’ Review: Entertaining and Funny!

Urzila Carlson will make you laugh from her opening joke itself. You know you are watching a good stand up comedy once that happens. Urzila Carlson is a South African-New Zealand comedian and actor who is known for her stand-up comedy performances. I have never watched a Urzila Carlson performance before but I am delighted that I gave this a shot. Watch her perform this hour-long special on Netflix which will surely entertain you.

Urzila Carlson has a great stage presence, you will feel that from the moment she walks on the stage. Urzila Carlson is also now the first from four to have her own solo comedy special on the streaming giant after featuring in the Australian/New Zealand quartet in Netflix’s Comedians of the World.

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Urzila is a famous figure on the New Zealand television, she is immensely popular on these recurring panels of two separate comedy game shows while spending plenty of time each year performing in Australia. 

Real (funny) jokes! 

Urzila Carlson is energetic on stage and sis is real, super real. She jokes about menstruation, there are ample fat jokes which are not offensive and is humourous for a change.

What I have personally realised is when a man makes fat jokes, it somehow is less funny and more on the offensive side! There are jokes which one can relate to even during this pandemic as this was filmed in the pre-pandemic time. Urzila is effortlessly funny even if she tries to be offensive. 

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She will crack you up with her fat jokes, which are mainly dominant in the show. The one that made me laugh in particular was when Carlson jokes she wants to lose enough weight to eat pie in public, but not so much weight that she’ll consider doing porn. This performance is filled with such jokes, light, airy and humorous. 

Relatable humour! 

Urzila is funny because she pushes boundaries and holds audiences glued to their screens despite doing so. Urzila is different from her contenders because whenever I have tried to watch a stand-up comedy, I have only found repetitive elements in other performances.

However, one little complaint that I have would be that Urzila Carlson takes a while to get to the point, you tend to think this is the time you’ll probably laugh but then you do so after a good five minutes. Apart from that, Urzila Carlson: Overqualified Loser promises you a super fun watch! 

There’s a perspective that you will ponder on!

Urzila Carlson explains why her show is named ‘Overqualified Loser’, there’s a new perspective that she puts forth and it’s worth pondering on. She puts the word loser into a perspective, how it can both have a negative and positive spin to it. Say if you lose your mind it is considered a negative loss, but if you lose weight under normal circumstances, it is considered positive. 

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Urzila Carlson in her show also addressed some topics which are important like body shaming or how being fat affects somebody’s confidence. She talks about all of this, being very graceful and, at the same time, humorous. They are powerful narratives in the form of jokes, which is something you’ll praise about her all throughout.

What is distinctively different is the stories that come along with a joke, they are stories that she tells us and boom… there’s unexpected humour emerging out of that. It is almost brilliant how she manages to keep up with pattern all throughout. 

Urzila Carlson: Overqualified Loser might not have the wow moment but it is combined with many such memorable movement and punchlines that will allow a hearty laugh! Urzila is joyful, graceful with an immense presence that is undeniable and charmingly knows how to hold an audience very well. Watch it because you’ll like it!   

Urzila Carlson: Overqualified Loser is streaming on Netflix.

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Urzila Carlson is undeniably funny, energetic and witty in her solo stand up performance streaming on Netflix now! The 'overqualified loser' is truly a gem!


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