Netflix’s ‘Say I Do’ Review: A Bingable Romantic Reality Series!

From the creators of Queer Eye that is streaming on Netflix, Say I Do is the brand new delightful reality series that is all about dream weddings and a little more!

Interior designer Jeremiah Brent, fashion designer Thai Nguyen, and chef Gabriele Bertaccini have geared up to bring smiles on the faces of eight such couples with beautiful weddings (wedding goals tho, really!).

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Say I do, initially will feel like the same as Queer Eye, but trust me when I say it isn’t because this show is quite unique in ways that are so dreamy and fancy. It is about couples, who have had obstacles that kept them away from having the perfect wedding they hoped for.

The wedding experts have given their best to let these couples live the fantasy. These deserving couples have been handpicked who will tie the knot in a chic but simple way.

This isn’t your regular love story reality show, this does not talk about the story of the couples at a surface level as the show deals with their love story in small little details.

The three experts will help plan an exceptional proposal for their ‘spouse to be’ before planning their wedding and we get to see these expectant couples walk down the aisle brimming with joy! 

We do have a great reality series that is going to get you all a little teary and also will make you want to get married! Perhaps because these three kind-hearted and talented gents have made it their mantra to design the most lavish dream weddings from scratch in less than a week’s time.

Meet the experts who step in to light up the stories of these couples!

For viewers, who don’t know the trio responsible for these dreamy and lavish weddings, Jeremiah Brent is an interior design and he is responsible for fixing up the venue and ensures that the aesthetic details of the weddings are in place.

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Thai Nguyen is a fashion designer who passionately designs the perfect wedding outfits for the couple. Lastly, our chef Gabriele Bertaccini is responsible for pleasing the palettes of the guests attending the weddings! 

This show is all about love and inclusivity! 

The creators of this show believe in the power of love and are also very inclusive in terms of choosing these eight couples. Say I do is connecting and changing the lives of many couples regardless of race or sexuality, and that is refreshing to watch.

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Say I do encompasses a lot more than the love between two people. It sincerely has brought along the elements of togetherness responsibly. It is a show about love, but most importantly, there’s kindness as it even brings families together.

Amidst all the negativity that the couples have been toiling under, the three wonderful resident experts have put a positive spin to their stories. 

‘Say I do’ is a very sincere, heartfelt show full of real sentiments

Never for once will you feel that the content isn’t authentic. It is filled with moments of happiness, contentment but it will also probably need you to grab your tissue box a few times.

The sixth episode of Say I do, you will meet Jason and Jonathan and that episode will show how sincerely the makers of the show wanted to bring smiles and unending joy to the lives of these couples.

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This show is truly one of a kind! I can really go on and on about how couples from all different walks of life, from all different colours, sizes, sexualities, have all been so happy and content with their weddings. Even you feel so! You constantly keep asking yourself too if you are contented with the whole beautifully put together wedding ensemble. 

This really is a feel-good series that will keep you hooked! 

There’s a couple that has battled cancer, a couple that has been through tonnes of hardship and a couple that believes that age is no bar to getting married! It’s wonderful because there’s a beautiful melange of couples that have come a long way and has finally got the fairytale-like wedding.

The three fab experts have vicariously worked hard to make sure everything looks memorable and picture-perfect on the special days of these beautiful couples. 

Say I do will also show you how organically the three most important people have come together for the sole purpose to unite these couples.

Say I Do / Netflix

It is quite engaging as you’ll see that the core connective tissue of this show is nothing but love and kindness, three very talented and dedicated to their craft have made this enormous task look undemanding and effortless! Go watch this because you should see for yourself how love handles it all (along and with, of course, three gorgeous experts).

Say I Do is streaming on Netflix right now.




The creators of Queer Eye are back with a brand new show 'Say I Do' which brings together couples across all age, race and sexuality. Indeed unique and fun!

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