Netflix’s JJ+E Review: Feels Incomplete and Emotionless!

JJ+E (aka Vinterviken) premiered on 8th September 2021 on Netflix. Directed by Alexis Almström, the 90-minutes long film is based on the acclaimed 1993 Mats Wohl novel, starring Magnus Krepper, Markia Lagercrantz, and Simon Mezher alongside other cast members.

Two worlds. One love.

JJ+E is the love story of John John and Elizabeth who belong to two different parts of society- lower middle class and upper class respectively. Through fate and accident, they both meet and end up together and their friendship buds into a relationship but life has different plans for them it seems. As the film progresses their relationship goes through a few ups and downs here and there but will they end up together freeing themselves from the societal barriers is what we furthermore follow.

For a film that comes under the romance genre, JJ+E fails to leave an impact on viewers emotionally. There are no moments here that’ll make you want to stan these characters or the love story. Additionally, straying away from the entire romance part of it, if I were to focus on the social commentary or the depiction of class/class distribution there isn’t much to talk about there too. It feels as if the film picks up threads and then just leaves them hanging with no end. Even the ending of the film is abrupt and nothing seems to fit. It’s like picking random puzzle pieces and putting them together hoping it’ll make something sensible or sensitive.

Vinterviken // JJ+E

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There is one death scene in the film that surely could have been strong and would have left viewers with a lot to contemplate on but well, again, it all comes falling down because of the poor executions. There is so little to talk about here because the film starts and ends and you couldn’t care less for these teenagers. There is emotional trauma here but the film doesn’t take that into account, teen crime but again no proper conversations around that, it’s flawed to a point that by the end of the film you’re annoyed because of the 90 minutes you just spent in vain.

A cliche storyline, unexceptional acting, lack of emotion or social sensibility, and a bland end is what I’ll sum up JJ+E with.

Stream It or Skip It

SKIP IT! It makes no sense to watch a film that is so poorly brought to life because it is not leaving you with anything emotionally or mentally. I would have been ok if there was even one good thing here but that isn’t happening here. There is no focus on the class and cultural barriers the films trailer/description talks about!

JJ+E is streaming now on Netflix.

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JJ+E is a love story that you might as well forget and move on!

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JJ+E is a love story that you might as well forget and move on!Netflix's JJ+E Review: Feels Incomplete and Emotionless!