Netflix’s Curon Review: A Great Psychological/Supernatural Thriller

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Curon is what psychological thriller dreams are made of. Created by Ezio Abbate, Ivano Fachin, Giovanni Galassi and Tommaso Matano, the 7-episode TV show released on Netflix on June 10. And it is one hell of a ride.

A terrible past

Anna decides to come back to her hometown of Curon in Northern Italy with her two teenage twin children. She’s haunted by a past that she can’t really remember, but decides to come back regardless, in a bid to run away from an equally traumatic present. However, things haven’t changed in her small town quite that much.

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Right off the bat, Curon is a dark and gritty thriller that does not take its time to set its theme. If you’re a fan of atmospheric shows, this one will instantly attract you. It’s much like another Netflix-original favourite of mine – Black Spot.

Anna’s two kids, twins Mauro and Daria, are polar opposites of each other. While Mauro is shy and timid, Daria is brash and loud and is not afraid to take chances. However, the siblings have a loving relationship, and we get to know that they will have each other’s backs come what may.

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And that’s probably a good thing because terrible things start to happen as soon as they arrive. After their mother disappears, the twins are forced to face the reality that there’s more at play at the quite village than the elders are letting on.

There’s a curse here


A supernatural thriller won’t be complete without a curse, and Curon is based on one. The small town has quite a unique quirk – if you repress your feelings, a doppelganger will come find you, courtesy of an ancient dilapidated bell tower, and, well, kill you and take your place. It might sound silly, but trust me, it’s bone-chilling to watch.

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I, personally, am quite scared of the concept of doppelgangers. Add to that, these ones are evil – it’s a match made in horror heaven. There’s also quite a bit of history behind the curse that Curon doesn’t forget to tell you, lest you feel a bit lost. However, the exposition is very interesting to watch, and unlike other movies/shows, doesn’t bore you.

Curon’s ancient curse does not spare anyone. From teenagers to older people – everyone is susceptible to it. And it can come get you anytime, anywhere.

Quite the maze


Curon does not take its time to get to its point – and stick to it throughout. There are no extra, unnecessary plot points, no unnecessary sex scenes. It’s a crisp tale of a horrible curse. However, another thing is also quite scary and Curon does a great job at nailing is family dynamics. It depicts how one small decision can have a cascading effect on everyone around you. And also, how terrible parenting can have equally terrible consequences on your children. Sometimes, the dynamics were so real that it became painful to watch.

Anna favours her son over her daughter. And the way Daria tries to win her affection and love at every given opportunity, and then becomes disappointed when her hopes are dashed – heartbreaking stuff. It’s the same dynamic in Micki’s house as well.



Relationships, both creation and destruction, are very organic in Curon. At no point in time will you feel that whatever is happening is illogical or unnecessary. Even the relationship between Daria and Giulio is organic and sweet. And so is the friendship between Micki and Mauro is very sweet and believable.

Curon has a constant great atmospheric thrill, some great moments of tension and a strong ending that leaves the viewers hanging (or drowning). With only seven episodes, each an hour-long, it’s a great companion to spend with and binge. Highly recommend, just like some other shows.

Curon is streaming on Netflix right now.

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