Netflix’s Zero Chill Review: It’s Bland

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Zero Chill, a web series starring Grace Beedie, Dakota Taylor, Jeremias Amoore, Anastázie Chocholatá and Jade Ma released on Netflix. The 10-episode series is directed by Angelo Abela and Tessa Hoffe. Each of them has directed 5 episodes. So, is the new teenage web show worth the watch? Keep reading the review.

Zero Chill starts with Kayla (Grace Beedie), a 15-year-old teenage girl, setting up a skating rink to skate. She waits for her long-distance friend to FaceTime her and start skating. Kayla and her family have recently moved to England from Canada for her brother Mac’s (Dakota Taylor) future in Hockey. Kayla is very upset about this because she had to make adjustments in her dreams of being a figure skater.

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One day, when she is skating secretly in the rink of the Hammarström team, she notices someone else figure skating. The person’s face cannot be seen. All Kayla can see is them wearing a jersey that has the number 67 printed on it. As her best friend from Canada was ignoring their secret sessions and also avoiding conversations, Kayla built a little hope that she has finally found a new partner with the same interest.

But nothing is easy in Zero Chill or there’s no chill in the series. If we think logically, why would someone move from Canada to England to fulfil their Hockey dreams? As far as I know, Hockey isn’t a big deal in England. But it’s a series. So they have their own universe. Despite being a teenage series, it lacks a lively feeling and fun element. There’s no vibrancy that we usually see in such teenage dramas.

Zero Chill
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Even when there are fights or arguments between Kayla and Mac, they seemed forceful. Sibling fights can be entertaining and serious too. But here, you can sense that the brother-sister duo is fighting because actors Grace and Dakota are told to do so. It’s not just about the siblings. Any issue that happens in the life of any of the characters seems to be just there. You can’t sense the intensity, probably because of the weak script.

But there are some good points in Zero Chill as well. Sometimes, the drama is quite dramatic. You enjoy it, but you can’t ignore the weak plot for a longer amount of time. The performances are good too. Grace Beedie as Kayla will amaze you with her skating talent. Dakota Taylor as Mac also does a splendid job. However, I feel the character could have done so much better.

Zero Chill: Is it worth it?

Zero Chill
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Directors Angelo Abela and Tessa Hoffe’s show fails to build a connection. Usually, when a series or movie is based on a sport, you expect to be astonished when the games or matches start. Here we miss that thrilling experience. It’s bland. You keep hoping the next episode will be bang on, but it isn’t and the show ends. So you can skip it unless you are fond of the sport shown in the series.

Zero Chill is streaming on Netflix.

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Directors Angelo Abela and Tessa Hoffe's show fails to build a connection with Zero Chill. If you're not interested in the sport, there's very little to hold you on.
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Insatiable cinematic soul.


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