Netflix’s Young Royals Review: Royal Romance

Young Royals is a Swedish drama-romance TV series directed by Erika Calmeyer and Rojda Sekersöz, and stars Edvin Ryding, Omar Rudberg, Malte Gårdinger, and Pernilla August, alongside other cast members.

– The Young Royals review contains no spoilers –

The official Netflix synopsis for the Young Royals series reads:

Prince Wilhelm adjusts to life at his prestigious new boarding school, Hillerska, but following his heart proves more challenging than anticipated.

Young Royals is a show targeted towards the younger crowd. As evident from the trailer, it’s about royalty, duty and an LGBTQ+ relationship between Prince Wilhelm and a common boy at the prestigious Hillerska, a boarding school. The story isn’t anything new or thought-provoking, however, it’s effective enough for the audience to be hooked to it.

The plot of Young Royals, as said above, is about Wilhelm, a royal, who is sent to Hillerska after he gets on the naughty list at home. Once there, he fits in, only to find himself drawn to Simon, a commoner. Will their love blossom? Will royalty come in the way of their romance?

Young Royals, in spite of having the name, doesn’t really focus much on the royalty aspect of it. Sure, it’s an underlying theme and Wilhelm’s life is mostly propelled by his lineage, but the series doesn’t really explore it. However, that’s ok, because you do get sucked much more into the romance between the prince and the commoner. It’s a tale as old as time – but you’re still intrigued to find out what happens to these lovers.

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Young Royals flows easily and nicely; you want to go to the next episode the moment you finish one. It’s a mixture of different things but mostly because the story is easy breezy and the characters are really nice.

Ok, nice is a little vague. What I mean to say is that it’s very difficult to relate and like characters in shows that cater to the younger audience. Most of the time they are vain, arrogant and boastful and are all-around insufferable to watch. However, Young Royals isn’t like that. There’s a reason why most of the kids act the way that they do. Sometimes, you’d even be able to sympathise with them.

This relatability factor works in favour of Young Royals’s narrative. You like watching these people go through this phase of their lives and are invested in what they have to say. Okay, granted that there are characters who are absolutely insufferable, but you’ll be able to ignore them for the most part.

Edvin Ryding as Wilhelm is great and, unlike other “royal” characters, is quite vulnerable and charming. It’s nice to watch him find himself in the most unlikely of places (according to him). Omar Rudberg’s character is the complete opposite of Wilhelm but is equally vulnerable. They face very different realities and problems, yet are so very similar.

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Summing up: Young Royals

Young Royals
Netflix's Young Royals Review: Royal Romance 8

Young Royals is an engaging story about a sweet romance and the responsibilities that come with royalty. You’ll be able to relate to the characters and enjoy everything that happens on-screen. Additionally, the creators also try to include the social structures that are prevalent in the world and draw parallels between the commoners and the elites. The difference in their lifestyles are stark and Young Royals does a good job bringing them together. All in all, I really enjoyed this and if you’re in for some teenage romance, this might be a good bet.

Young Royals is streaming on Netflix.

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Young Royals is engaging and keeps you hooked with its sweet love story till the end.


  1. This show is so good! It’s not over the top and I like that. It’s simple but yet striking! And they are so cute together.

  2. the best show i’ve ever seen, as a teenager it represents a lot of the situations that happen to us and the actors did their job so good! definitely deserves a 5 stars rating 😭 love it i hope we can get a season 2!!

  3. Watched it and I absolutely am obsessed with this show !😩 It definitely deserves a five star rating ! I need a season 2 !!!!!

  4. c’etait génial, merci énormément. Il représente très bien l’amour à cet âge et dans ces conditions, cela fait chaud au coeur, suis extrêmement gratifiant.e et de pouvoir avoir une série comme celle-ci, cela fait du bien aux personnes lgbtq+, être représenté.es, c’était tout simplement magnifique, j’espère de tout mon coeur que nous aurons au moins une autre saison. merci.

  5. This series was such a rollercoaster! Loved every second of it, now season two is the only thing missing!

  6. quite simply……the best LGBTQ+ show I have ever seen.
    It’s a massively enjoyable watch.
    For any and every LGBTQ+ person on this planet, this is the ‘fairy’ tale

  7. IM TELLING U GUYS THIS IS A MUST WATCH 🙂 they even dubbed it in english so it’s still their real voices

  8. I am so proud that we can watch this show, it is so emotional and so so beautiful!! WE DEFINITELY NEED SEASON 2!!!!

  9. Best show i’ve ever seen, love it and it’s pure perfection. It made me so emotional and i can’t wait for other seasons. I NEED OTHER SEASONS!!

  10. WE NEEEED SEASON 2!! I loved every minute of the show and although it broke me I liked it so much. And Wilhelm & Simon are so cute together :’) <3

  11. WE NEED SEASON 2! The best show I’ve seen. I watched it 2 times and I’m still devastated. I have never been so obsessed with something like this. That’s kinda sad lol. Everyone should watch it. The characters, story, a development it’s *chef’s kiss* It’s just perfect

    • Not sad at all. That shows that the creators did an excellent job! And like you, I was engrossed as well. Needed to take a minute 😛

  12. This Show is incredibly good!! It’s not over the top but realistic and it normalizes beauty standards like acne!! New favourite show!!

  13. loved everything about the show! the acting, the places, the story, the message, all of it! absolutely amazing! i need a season 2!!!!

  14. Can’t stop rewatching it. I don’t use to get emotional because of tv series or movies but this is on another level

  15. I love this show sm. it’s everything to me rn. I absolutely need a season 2 at least. it’s probably the best show on Netflix rn, in my opinion <33!

  16. This show is brilliant!! In Young Royals we can see beautiful representation of queer youth, anxiety, neurodivergent people, social classes, etc. We all need a season 2!!!

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