Netflix’s You Vs Wild Out Cold Review: Come, Let’s Save Bear Grylls

You Vs Wild Out Cold is now out on Netflix. It’s an interactive film featuring Bear Grylls where viewers choose to decide what happens with him. The 25-minute interactive wild adventure is another addition to Grylls’ You Vs Wild series.

The synopsis for You Vs Wild: Out Cold reads – After a plane crash leaves Bear with amnesia, he must make choices to save the missing pilot and survive in this high-stakes interactive adventure.

You Vs Wild: Out Cold Review Contains Mild Spoilers

Bear Grylls and a few men are out in a cold forest surrounded by huge mountains, enjoying the view from their plane. Unfortunately, the plane crashes, and Bear falls at an unknown place, hanging upside down by a tree, unconscious. After waking up, he gets amnesia and has no clue who he is and what he was doing there.

As viewers, we get the choice to decide what his next step should be. So it’s our mission to make sure Bear is safe and hopefully reunites with the Captain of the plane. On his Instagram page, Grylls wrote, “The challenge is yours. Can you help me navigate my way safely out of a plane crash in the mountains? MY life is in YOUR hands. Let me know how you get on. I’m counting on you”.

In my You Vs Wild Out Cold review, I have mentioned some of my choices to save him. I am not sharing all my responses; otherwise, it will take away the thrill of getting your own result in the end. I also won’t be sharing the situations he was in as that’s also something to looking forward to in the film.

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Here are some choices I made for Bear Grylls:

  • When asked to choose between Food, Water and Shelter, I chose Shelter.
  • For some reason, Bear has to go to the other side of the mountains. But it was a huge mountain, and he had two options – Go through the tunnels or run through the mountains. I selected ‘go through the tunnels’.
  • The choice I was not happy to make was what to eat between cockroach and millipede. I won’t reveal what I selected, but tell me, what would you make Grylls eat?
You Vs Wild Out Cold Still
Still from You Vs Wild Out Cold trailer

I got a total of 10 choices to make, and the result ended up being repeating the journey and change one of my choices as I failed to accomplish the mission. It was fun, although I feel bad for putting Bear Grylls through so much pain. It reminded me of how I made the character suffer (unintentionally) in Black Mirror: Bandersnatch (2019).

You Vs Wild Out Cold Review: Final Thoughts

Overall, You Vs Wild is thrilling. I felt like Monica from Friends who has to make decisions for another person as she did for Rachel once. So if you have around 30-35 minutes to spare, you should definitely be a part of the cold and wild journey.

You Vs Wild: Out Cold is now streaming on Netflix.

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You Vs Wild Out Cold Review: Netflix's interactive film puts the onus on viewers to save Bear Grylls as he gets lost in a cold forest with amnesia.


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