Netflix’s You Are My Spring Episode 1 Recap: Psychologist, Sociopath and Trash Magnet

You Are My Spring or Neoneun Naeui Bom is a South Korean TV series directed by Jung Ji-hyun and starring Seo Hyun-jin, Kim Dong-wook, Yoon Park and Nam Gyu-ri. You Are My Spring episode 1 runs for 73 minutes.

The official Netflix synopsis for You Are My Spring reads:

A hotel concierge and a psychiatrist with traumatic childhoods form a heartfelt bond when they become entangled in a perplexing local murder case.

* The You Are My Spring episode 1 recap contains spoilers *

You Are My Spring episode 1 recap

You Are My Spring episode 1 opens with Kang Da-jeong saying that when she ran over, he was nowhere to be found. The next scene is of someone falling on a stagnant car. Da-jeong says that he was never there, to begin with.

You Are My Spring episode 1 then jumps to December 1994, Seoul. A voiceover talks about Da-jeong’s childhood which was riddled with difficulties. With an alcoholic father and poverty knocking on the door, her childhood was traumatic, to say the least. We see her taking care of her little brother and asking her mother about the stories in the storybooks that she gets from a charity. Her mother, while taking teddy bears apart, told her a very depressing version of them, but Da-jeong never stopped asking.

These stories became her life and a way for her to protect her brother during her drunkard father’s alcohol-fueled antics. Anyway, one fine night, having had enough, her mother stabs her father and runs away with them.

You Are My Spring episode 1 then jumps to December 2020, Seoul. Da-jeong, now a grown woman, is moving to the Gugu building. Her dating history isn’t good and she always ends up with the worst men out there. However, she feels confident that this shift will bring in a new era in her life.

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Well, that night someone is murdered in the building. Da-jeong is taken aback at the sight she sees on moving day – with the building surrounded by police. We then meet psychiatrist Ju Young-do as he is giving an interview regarding the murder and the culprit’s motives. He is next seen at Detective Ko Jin-bok’s desk, reading through case files. He turns out to be a consultant for the police and is trying to catch the criminal who murdered his heart donor (ok, that’s a lot to take in!).

Young-do and Da-jeong meet while on the stairs of the Gugu building – a terrible and awkward misunderstanding that’s kinda funny. Anyway, they officially meet upstairs along with their friends for lunch. It is here that we get to know that Young-do is kind of like Sherlock. He can find clues and tell things about people, and holy crap does he get stuff right about Da-jeong.

Da-jeong next meets her “stalker” Chae Jun, someone who saw her at work and immediately fell for her. He tries to make her understand his feelings for her in You Are My Spring episode 1, but Da-jeong is not someone who would give in to his attempts of wooing her. However, at the end of the encounter, it seems like Da-jeong might just be taken by Jun.

At work, Da-jeong and her team and getting ready to welcome Ahn Ga-yeong, a big actress. While working, she thinks back to 5 years ago, on the night when she found her boyfriend drunk out of her mind. She carries him up to his apartment and he asks her why she’s dating him. She doesn’t say anything and tells him to take care of himself. She remembers her father’s drunken antics and it’s like a repetition of the same things in her life.

In the present, Da-jeong finds Chae Jun at the bus stop and he just cannot leave her alone! My god, honestly, Da-jeong has given him the perfect name – stalker. They go out to eat and he confesses his feelings for her. It’s sweet, but it doesn’t negate the fact that he stalks her.

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We also meet Young-do’s ex in You Are My Spring episode 1 who seems to really require counselling. Oh, and she’s Ahn Ga-yeong. And Da-jeong is absolutely shocked to hear this. Later on, Young-do finds a water leak in his apartment while Da-jeong is out. Chae Jun meets her at the convenience store, I am sure without invitation. Young-do meets her there as well and all three share a very awkward encounter. I don’t understand why no one has any boundaries with it comes to Da-jeong.

Anyway, Chae Jun turns out to be an absolute creep with antisocial personality disorder who comes to taunt and threaten Yeong-do to stay away from Da-jeong. Back at the precinct, Young-do is going through everything regarding the murder on the 3rd floor of the Gugu building. On his way back home, he comes across Da-jeong and Chae Jun, the latter is trying to convince her to let him come up to her apartment. Honestly, at this point, I would’ve called the cops. But I guess she has the patience of a saint.

At night, Young-do meets Da-jeong at the rooftop to give her back the showerhead that he had broken earlier in the morning in You Are My Spring episode 1. They talk about his life and his broken marriage and how she had spoken without knowing. He, too, says that he had called her a trash magnet, and that wasn’t a good thing. The topic of plant watering makes him analyse her again and he tells her to not date Chae Jun. While coming downstairs, he sees Jun’s car standing outside their apartment. Not creepy at all.

While going through the crime scene photos of the Gugu building murder in You Are My Spring episode 1, Young-do realizes something and it doesn’t look well for Jun. However, it remains to be seen how Chae Jun works into the story in the upcoming episodes. It is evident, though, that there’s going to be some battle of wits between Young-do and Chae Jun, and Da-jeong is going to be caught in the middle of it.

You Are My Spring episode 1 starts off well, with well-introduced characters and some mystery and intrigue. The characters themselves are likeable and the story moves at a decent pace. It remains to be seen how this one would fare in the long list of kdramas that come out on Netflix.

You Are My Spring is streaming on Netflix.

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You Are My Spring episode 1 starts off well, with well-introduced characters and some mystery and intrigue.

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