Netflix’s Xtreme Review: Here Only for the Savage Action Sequences!

Xtreme premiered on 4th July 2021 on Netflix. The movie is directed by Daniel Benmayor, written by Teo García, Ivan Ledesma, Genaro Rodriguez and starring Óscar Jaenada, Sergio Peris-Mencheta and Óscar Casas. The Spanish thriller is 111 minutes long.


Xtreme is the new addition to Netflix’s Spanish action thrillers list. The film is set in the Spanish underworld and follows the fallout between stepbrothers Maximo and Lucero. Lucero murders his father and takes over the family business after being enraged at his father’s preferential treatment of Maximo. Lucero goes too far by attacking Maximo and assassinating his kid in front of him. After that, Maximo and his sister Mario go underground for two years before seeking vengeance on Lucero.

There is nothing new about the storyline here, revenge thrillers have been presented to viewers in various shapes and forms over and over again. The same saga continues here. With nothing new or exactly rememberable about the storyline, the only takeaway from the film is its action sequences. Xtreme is basically a revenge film concerning two brothers, one of them is incredibly dangerous while the other seeks vengeance. Xtreme will entertain the audience if you appreciate an action-packed film that doesn’t go too in-depth with its storyline.


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Few characters in the film that should have had a character arc and better development get no place for that and therefore Xtreme ends up as a montage of good action sequences with nearly no storyline to fall back on. Overall, Xtreme is entertaining to watch, thanks to the outstanding performances of the cast members. It’s a film that doesn’t require a lot of contemplation to enjoy. Even if the finale is what one would anticipate from a revenge flick, it is nonetheless enjoyable.

Maximo is played by Teo Garca, who also came up with the initial idea and narrative for the film. In fact, the plot was produced in collaboration with Genaro Rodriguez, Xtreme‘s combat coordinator. Apart from Teo Garca, the cast also includes Oscar Jaenada and an endearing Oscar Casas. Meanwhile, we see Sergio Peris-Mencheta, who is talented and does a good job in a negative character.

Stream It or Skip It


SKIP IT! If you are in the mood of watching a thriller that excites you and leaves you thinking then Xtreme isn’t the one for you. But at the same time if you’re looking for a thriller with amazing action sequences and not a heavy storyline then Xtreme is the one.

Xtreme is streaming now on Netflix.

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Xtreme is a Spanish revenge thriller with all action and no story!

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Netflix's Xtreme Review: Here Only for the Savage Action Sequences!Xtreme is a Spanish revenge thriller with all action and no story!