Netflix’s Who Killed Sara Season 2 Review: Twists, Redemptions and Murders

Who Killed Sara? or ¿Quién Mató a Sara? is a thriller series directed by David Ruiz and starring Ximena Lamadrid, Manolo Cardona, Eugenio Siller and other cast members.

And we’re back with Who Killed Sara season 2 and right off the bat the audience has to get accustomed to the fact that Sara isn’t who we thought she was. In season 1, Sara’s character was under a guise – we saw her as an extension of her brother’s vengeance, a goal that needed to be fulfilled. However, season 2 tries to be no-nonsense from the first minute and we see that Sara isn’t who we, or Alex, were told she was.

Apparently, Sara was nothing that we have come to know her of. From the first episode itself, Who Killed Sara season 2 makes it a point to tell us that Sara was disturbed. Her psychiatrist lets Alex know that she had severe paranoid schizophrenia. These scenes are intercut with the past when Sara was alive, and in the present, when Alex is telling all of these things to Elisa.

What Who Killed Sara season 2 does shed light on the characters who went under the radar last season. We didn’t know much about the title character and neither did we know much about someone else who was in the boat with the kids when Sara died – Nicandro. The season also focuses on Marifer a lot, along with Alex.

As the Lazcanos’ lives shatter around them, we follow the various threads that lead to the day of the fated death. However, is there only one path that led to the outcome, or was there more? This is the question that we try to understand and answer in Who Killed Sara season 2. There are a few more deaths, an abduction but not as much sex and skin.

The most interesting thing about  Who Killed Sara season 2 is not the murders and who committed them, although they are pretty intense. It’s the dynamic between all of the members of the Lazcano family and how they perceive themselves to be. Their dynamic with each other and their perception of themselves also, of course, has ripple effects. It’s interesting, thus, to also watch how innocents are affected because of their utter lack of empathy. The most dangerous of them, however, is the family matriarch, Mariana. The woman is deeply religious but doesn’t even blink while falsely accusing Sofia’s competency and snatching her baby away from her, among other things.

Sara’s arc is interesting as well. The doe-eyed girl who everyone thought was innocent turns out to be quite a danger to society. Sara’s sociopathic tendencies are scary and the fact that she thinks of nothing and no one but herself as well as her breaks from reality are things that are very real and very scary.

Additionally, Who Killed Sara season 2 features the death of a very dear character. Although we don’t see his backstory or his life much, yet, being the only redeemable character in this debacle of a situation makes for him having a very special place in my heart. His death provides a slew of emotional moments, which cut through the pacing and the suspense that the series brings forth. You hate the way the character’s death occurs as well – it’s senseless and without reason.

If you thought that you can get a straight answer to the question “Who killed Sara?” then you’re wrong, however. The series takes its sweet time to introduce characters and situations that might or might not have anything to do with answering the question. These situations establish the various characters that are entangled in them, true, but if you want the answer to only the above question, then you might have to wait a long time for it. This might be a problem for some – the sheer number of things that take place and the number of people who want to take revenge might be overwhelming for some.

The all-important answer is finally given in the last episode titled I Killed Sara. However, do you get the real answer in the episode? Unfortunately, no. Who Killed Sara S2 does not give you the truth behind Sara’s death. The series, again, ends on a cliffhanger. Will that anger you? Maybe – I know I was a little frustrated because now it just feels like they are unnecessarily extending the series without any reason. Additionally, we all know how seasons progress if you extend them too much.

Summing up: Who Killed Sara season 2

Who Killed Sara 2 holds on to its fun and fast-paced narrative and keeps you on the edge of your seat. There are various new revelations and situations that come into play as well and keep your mind occupied throughout its ~40-minute runtime. However, since the series decides to add so many additional plots, there might be times when it becomes too much and confusing. But, it successfully gets you back into it in no time. If you’ve watched season 1, I’d definitely recommend checking this season out. If not answers, it provides for a lot of drama and mysteries.

Who Killed Sara season 2 is streaming on Netflix.

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Who Killed Sara season 2 is crazy and filled to the brim with murder, suspense and drama. A fun and entertaining watch through and through.

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Who Killed Sara season 2 is crazy and filled to the brim with murder, suspense and drama. A fun and entertaining watch through and through.Netflix's Who Killed Sara Season 2 Review: Twists, Redemptions and Murders