Netflix’s Who Killed Sara? Review: Revenge Thriller Keeps You Hooked!

Who Killed Sara? is a thriller series directed by David Ruiz and starring Ximena Lamadrid, Manolo Cardona, Eugenio Siller and other cast members.

Netflix’s Who Killed Sara? is a mystery thriller that’s quite the charmer. Although it’s a series that feels like something we have watched before, creator José Ignacio Valenzuela has added several subtle elements that seriously work in the series’ favour.

First and foremost, the series is a tight 40 minutes, and all the mystery and intrigue are packed into it, making it a fast-paced and mostly no-nonsense thriller. The series also does not bother to make us believe that the Lazcano family is innocent – rather, it’s expected that they are absolutely not. However, the mystery lies in who the actual culprit is. There are several possibilities, but (probably) only one answer.

On a boat ride during the holidays, Alex’s sister Sara is tragically killed. At that time, she was dating Rodolfo, one of the sons of the Lazcano family. When Alex is tricked into taking the blame for his sister’s death, he spends 18 years in prison with one singular objective – to take revenge and bring the truth to light.

Who Killed Sara?

Alex’s character is very interesting. He is introduced as the guy who is in the series with one singular goal throughout – he has to exact revenge at all costs. This is interesting because it gives us something to seriously look forward to and keeps us hooked. Will Alex be able to fulfil his goal or will he fail?

We also have the entire Lazcano family to doubt as well. Patriarch Cesar, and actually the entire family, is shown to be absolutely insufferable. They’re all portrayed as these horrible people who have no problem pushing Alex to the curb during such a difficult time for him. 18 years later, they’re still the same. The cat and mouse game between the two fronts and the whodunit that is interweaved through it all makes this a tight and interesting watch.

Who Killed Sara?

Additionally, the series goes back and forth between the present and when the horrible tragedy happened. It adds some great layers to the story that is delightful to peel back and look at. The mystery that Who Killed Sara? adds is delightful to watch, especially because it all takes place within such a short time-frame. We question the choices that all these characters make in the past and present and while some are just plain shitty people because they’re homophobes, among other things, others might just be a victim of the circumstances. Or are they? That’s a question you probably have to decipher when you go through the rollercoaster that is this series.

Who Killed Sara? enters the long list of thrillers that have really created a good premise for a story that is both tightly-knit and deliciously bingable. The characters have a lot going for them and almost everyone has ulterior motives and other things happening in their lives to give it many layers.

Summing up: Who Killed Sara?

Who Killed Sara?

Who Killed Sara? has Alex out for blood. His goal becomes our goal and it has us enamoured, just as he is bitter and taken in by his anger, hatred and disgust for what has happened to him and his family. His need for revenge makes this compelling and believable and will make you stick till the end to figure out who killed Sara. The family politics in the series is also something to watch out for and it will anger and frustrate you to no end. And, well, might just also make you feel bad for some of the characters.

Who Killed Sara? is streaming on Netflix.

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Netflix's Who Killed Sara? is a deliciously bingeable series that has all the right elements to keep you hooked throughout its runtime.
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