Netflix’s Where Is Marta Review: Suspenseful and Upsetting

The new docu-series of Netflix, Where is Marta, is a series about the disappearance of 17-year-old girl Marta Del Castillo. The series is originally from Spain. It has 3 episodes in total. Each episode runs for 55-75 minutes. The dialogues and subtitles of the series are available in both Spanish and English.

where is marta

In this docu-series, we get to see all available possibilities that could have existed in a parallel universe from various different perspectives. We will witness the story of Marta from the eyes of her parents, friends, family and the police.

– Netflix’s Where Is Marta Review contains no spoilers –

The series begins with the family and friends of Marta speaking about her. Like any other crime show, one assumes the culprit must be the person who was last in touch with Marta and considers them as someone who is surely involved in the case and the investigation somehow goes on around them.

One thing that’s really shocking is the way the case was handled by the police department. Like if a case is ongoing, shouldn’t police show sincere dedication and determination to solve it and serve justice to the people as soon as possible? However, in this series, we see that the police could have done a better job in solving the case of Marta.

Marta was a minor and one day she just went out and didn’t come back home. Her parents, friends and family started looking out for her immediately. I liked that the story has been told in a very simple and truthful manner.

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When watching a documentary, it’s really essential to watch it with your ears and eyes wide open or you will miss out on some important details and facts of the story. And if you lose that then it becomes difficult to join all the dots of the puzzle.

Marta’s story makes me really sad. She was a happy go lucky girl and like any other teenager she was enjoying life to the fullest, but who would have thought that one day she would disappear like thin air. The story of Marta has a lot of suspense in it. It is a little slow-paced but apart from that everything is good.

If you like watching documentaries, then you must give it a watch. I liked the documentary, it’s been shot nicely. It just flows like water and is extremely engaging and intriguing.

An image from Where Is Marta
A still from Where Is Marta

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The other thing is that I feel like the docu-series is a little stretched. I think it could have been a little shorter and precise. Another thing is as I heard many narratives of a single story, it somewhat left me puzzled and confused. Otherwise, the series is very well made and executed.

Where is Marta is a true-crime production that is very fascinating and interesting. The narration of the story has been done in a good way. Like documentaries can be a little boring, but this one is surely not. It’s full of mystery and suspense.

Summing up: Where Is Marta

Overall, Where Is Marta is a good documentary supported by great direction and good cinematography. If you are looking for an interesting series to watch, you might want to go through this one. It contains a lot of mystery, so that will you keep you entertained and occupied.

 Where Is Marta is streaming now on Netflix.

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Where Is Marta is a true-crime documentary series about missing teenager Marta that is extremely watchable.

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Netflix’s Where Is Marta Review: Suspenseful and UpsettingWhere Is Marta is a true-crime documentary series about missing teenager Marta that is extremely watchable.