Netflix’s Untold Deal With the Devil Review: Engaging Series About A Woman Boxer 

Netflix has released Untold Deal With the Devil, the second part of the streaming giant’s Untold series, following Untold: Malice at the Palace. This instalment of the docuseries covers the life of Christy Martin, an American world champion boxer. The episode shows us Christy in her prime-time when she was the world’s best female boxer. 

Untold Deal With the Devil review doesn’t contain spoilers –

Christy Martin, who is also a part of the film, tells us how her journey began. She explains how she felt every time she punched someone, especially the knock-out punch. Once it started, Martin kept going forward with the sports. She even told us that she got a high from fighting. What many people didn’t know, and which Untold: Deal With the Devil shows us, is the dark side of Martin. 

When Christy started boxing, she became famous and well at sports. She even had a trainer called Jim Martin who helped her in exceeding. However, she still had to fight many demons, even though her life in the spotlight looked nice and normal. At the starting of Untold Deal With the Devil, Christy shares how being in the boxing ring felt. 

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As the episode continues, we are shown several fights that Christy Martin played, the fights she has won, the noses and bones she has broken, and whatnot. At the same time, we are told about her inner secrets and other threats in her life. The Christy from the present takes us back to the tough times in her life. It feels more connecting to hear it from the person. We are also shown footage from her old fights. 

Women In Sports 

One thing was, in particular, an important part of Untold Deal With the Devil. It is not easy being a woman in a field dominated by men. Christy shares her experience of going to the gym for training for the first time. She was with her mother and her dog as she walked into the gym. All the eyes of men were on her. She shares how she had problems with the changing room and bathroom.

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Untold: Deal With the Devil

When her training starts, it is then when we get introduced to Jim Martin, Christy’s trainer, for the first time. His present self is in the Orange County Jail. He shares his experience of having a woman in the arena. It was weird for him to train a woman, and he was pressured into training Christy. Jim even shared how he planned to get Christy out of the gym as fast as possible. 

Untold: Deal With the Devil takes us through the hardships and obstacles that Christy Martin had to face. It includes different facets of said hardships and highlights each and every one wonderfully in the episode. The production value of the whole Untold series is brilliant. The soundtrack used creates momentum for big scenes and intensifies them.

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Worth the Watch?

Netflix has started to produce many docuseries which are entertaining and informative. More often than not, these series are on people, and it is refreshing to watch them. Untold: Deal With the Devil gives us insights to things that happened in the past and our absolutely real. At the same time, it links an issue with the story of the person. For example, in this, it is about Christy’s life along with a little about women inequality in sports. 

Untold: Deal With the Devil

At the end, Untold: Deal With the Devil is a series on Christy Martin and her success in the boxing world. If you are a sports lover, especially boxing, then you should definitely watch it. It is not only informative but it is important to know more about women in sports. 

You can watch Untold: Deal With the Devil on Netflix.

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Untold Deal With the Devil is the second instalment of Untold series by Netflix. It shares the story of Christy Martin, the best woman boxer.

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Untold Deal With the Devil is the second instalment of Untold series by Netflix. It shares the story of Christy Martin, the best woman boxer.Netflix's Untold Deal With the Devil Review: Engaging Series About A Woman Boxer