Netflix’s Untold Crime and Penalties: Review: The Untold Saga Continues

Netflix has released Untold Crime and Penalties, which is the fourth part of its Untold series. The show covers different sportspeople or incidents and has four more chapters, which include Untold: Malice at the Palace, Untold: Deal With the Devil, Untold: Caitlyn Jenner and the upcoming Untold: Breaking Point. Each story is as exciting and thriller as the next. The show’s executive producers are streaming giant’s Wild Wild Country creators. 

Untold Crime and Penalties review doesn’t contain spoilers –

Both series are only similar in the sense that they are docudrama, but besides that, you can also see the similarity in their production. Untold Crime and Penalties, like the rest of the parts, has a high-quality production and takes us into a deep exploration of the incident it covers. In this part, we are told about the ice hockey team Danbury Trashers. 

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Mob Ties 

Danbury Trashers is a defunct minor league hockey team that was bought by a man with mob ties, Jimmy Galante. His son A.J. ran the team, which is quite unconventional to hand over a whole hockey team to a high schooler. No matter what, it must be unbelievable to create a show on the person from whom The Soprano is inspired, especially the character Tony Soprano. 

Untold: Crime and Penalties AJ Galante
Netflix's Untold Crime and Penalties: Review: The Untold Saga Continues 3

Untold Crime and Penalties take us through history in the most interesting way. As a person who is not that intrigued by sports, this docuseries has changed that. With the use of photographs, videos and other footage, along with the interview of those on whom it is based, Untold Crime and Penalties will keep you hooked. As the story moves forward, we are told about the reality behind the Danbury Trashers. 

Jimmy Galante, who is a convicted felon now, was a key associate of the Genovese crime family. He was also one of the “Five Families” that dominated the New York mob scene. What is more intriguing than the series itself is that Galante sits in front of the camera. He also shares his experience in all the crime and violence. When you watch A.J. talk, it seems as it is a normal thing to own an ice hockey team at the age of 17. 

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Worth the Watch?

Untold: Crime and Penalties take us through the time when Danbury Trashers were at the peak of their success and how they were also constantly involved with a crime because of which the FBI has to get involved. If it is hard to digest the fact that a person bought a whole ice hockey team for his son, then as you keep on watching  Untold Crime and Penalties, more unbelievable details unfold. 

Untold: Crime and Penalties The Sopranos
Netflix's Untold Crime and Penalties: Review: The Untold Saga Continues 4

The FBI started their operation Pail Rider in order to investigate Jimmy Galante. The name of the operation was inspired by Clint Eastwood’s film Pale Rider. The man was accused of several charges, such as tax evasion, but he also used his power and control to keep the ice hockey competitors at bay. What really catches the attention of the viewers in Untold Crime and Penalties is the use of different sources. This can be best understood by showing us the CCTV footage of the truck incident, where Galante burned down a trash haulier and kidnapped its driver. 

The music, editing and storytelling style keeps you intrigued and glued to the screen till the end. The idea behind the Untold series is to cover stories related to sports that haven’t been given enough attention or just are untold. If you are someone who absolutely enjoys watching sports or documentaries related to it, then you should definitely take a look at the Untold Crime and Penalties, and the rest of the series. 

You can watch Untold Crime and Penalties on Netflix.

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Untold Crime and Penalties is the fourth part of Netflix's sports docuseries. It takes us through the story of Danbury Trashers, an ice hockey team owned by a mobster.


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