Netflix’s Too Hot to Handle Latino Review: More Sex?!

Too Hot to Handle Latino is a reality TV series and is another iteration of Too Hot to Handle. The series has 8 episodes which will come out every week.

Netflix describes the show as:

On this reality show, singles from Latin America and Spain are challenged to give up sex. But here, abstinence comes with a silver lining: US$100,000.

How are we here again? Too Hot to Handle Latino is here if you missed the vapidness of the weirdest dating show out there, then well, wait no more. If three other iterations were not enough, then we have another filled with vapid, pretentious and honestly, quite stupid, people fighting around to assert dominance in whatever way they can.

Too Hot to Handle Latino really isn’t anything new for me to describe. It starts off the same, does the same just with a few things here and there. It’s like Too Hot to Handle just gets people cut out from the same cloth and puts them in the exact same situation to expect completely different results. News flash, there are no new results.

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Every time another one of these come out, I am left shocked as to how absolutely stupid people can be. I honestly want one, just one, person to not say that they either can’t live without sex, make absolutely idiotic sex jokes, or hold their boob or penis. I just want one person whose personality does not revolve around sex.

Now, again, I don’t want to come across as someone who is against sex. Sex is great. It’s necessary. I think all these people are extremely attractive and I like all of them. But holy shit, any other personality other than sex would be nice!

Additionally, Too Hot to Handle Latino is bolder than its predecessors, somewhat. People start making out from the first minute and what absolutely shocks me is how everyone just has sex in front of everyone else. There is cunnilingus, blowjobs and sex just taking place left right and centre. I am all for Too Hot to Handle Latino giving us drama and gratuitous amounts of skin and making out. But come on. This is soft porn at this point.

Now, something new in Too Hot to Handle Latino is that they are releasing batches of episodes every week. I am confused as to the point of this, but if the previous seasons are any indication, we all know where it’s going to go.

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Summing up: Too Hot to Handle Latino

Too Hot to Handle Latino brings us nothing new. It’s the same horny people without any self-control who call themselves adults who are bolder and ready to just jump the bone at any given point. Also, it shocks me that they try to follow the same strategy of, “ooh I told these horny people that this is a vacation and they will never get to know!” Even when the contestants see Lana, how do they immediately not know what this is? You know the rules and the show’s end results. Is the audience taken to be so dumb that they wouldn’t ask for more thought behind the what and the why?

Too Hot to Handle: Latino is streaming on Netflix.

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Too Hot to Handle Latino is much the same, but with so much more sex.

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