Netflix’s Too Hot to Handle Brazil Review: Why Are We Here Again?!

Too Hot to Handle Brazil, or Brincando com Fogo: Brasil, is a Reality TV series that is the Brazilian rendition of the Too Hot to Handle series. This one will be narrated by comedian Bruna Louise.

The Netflix description for Too Hot to Handle Brazil says:

Sizzling hot young Brazilians meet at a dreamy beach resort. But for a shot at R$500,000 in this fun reality show, they’ll have to give up sex.

Too Hot to Handle Brazil review does not contain spoilers –

Ah, another month, another Too Hot to Handle. This series just keeps on giving and it depends on you whether this is something that you want to take or not. As for me, I am here for the drama, but it’s getting a bit repetitive at this point.

Too Hot to Handle Brazil starts off just how the last two Two Hot to Handle seasons did (the English ones). A bunch of hot men and women enter the villa and the primary thing that all of them say is: they just cannot keep it in their pants. The way they speak about sex is as if they are all nymphomaniacs. Oh, I am sorry, the women also describe themselves as ditzes. All of them. I don’t get it. The men, on the other hand. Phew. They all think they are at the top of their game – providing satisfaction wise.

Before you come at me saying that this show is about sex addicts finding the loves of their lives – come on, we all know that it’s not about that. There are two other seasons to prove otherwise.

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One of my other gripes with Too Hot to Handle is that, for some reason, the series has now decided to release episodes in two batches. Just like Too Hot to Handle season 2, Too Hot to Handle Brazil will release its remaining four episodes (out of eight) on July 28.

So, is there anything new here?

Too Hot to Handle Brazil even plays the same starting game from the first two renditions – guess who kissed the person with a blindfold. According to me, it’s just a reason for them to put their tongues down each other’s throats. Now, I am not a prude – far from it. However, I have been watching this for too long. I really want to see something, anything, different.

The girls then, while getting ready, discuss who they like and so do the boys. It also does not help that Matheus is controlling within the first 10 hours. However, you know what was funny though? Lana peeking from the bushes to keep an eye on the 10 contestants.

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Coming to the contestants of Too Hot to Handle Brazil, they are all the same. Brenda and Matheus are this rendition’s Cam and Emily or Harry and Francesca. The other’s, too, are copies of people from previous seasons. Every season these horny people think that Lana won’t tell on them breaking rules, and it makes me wonder whether no one has watched the previous seasons? Does everyone stay under a rock?

Too Hot to Handle Brazil, like its predecessors, is vapid, kind of insulting for insinuating people cannot handle their sexual urges, hypocritical and very stupid. We have seen too many times before that none of these relationships last, so don’t even come at me with that. Honestly, I was bored this season, because, as I mentioned previously, I was just seeing the same old thing happening with a different set of people.

Oh, but, if you’re a fan of drama, then Too Hot to Handle Brazil packs it in, more than any other season. Good god do these people argue. Actually, they either argue or do something sexual. So, it’s mostly difficult to find positive things out of this. But, for those who are in the mood to watch semi-naked people trying to tear each other’s hair out, this one is a good idea.

Summing up: Too Hot to Handle Brazil

too hot to handle brazil

Too Hot to Handle Brazil, like its predecessors, offers absolutely nothing new or satisfying. If you’re in the mood to watch horny people who literally have no control over themselves and always fight, then this is the place to be. Otherwise, honestly, skip this one. To top it all off, though? There’s some homophobia for good measure. Amazing.

Too Hot to Handle Brazil is streaming on Netflix.

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Too Hot to Handle Brazil is as vapid and pointless as its predecessors.
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    • totally agree. but they at least tried something new with the second part, so I’ll give it that. but anyway, still very f-ed up.

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