Netflix’s The Women and The Murderer Review: A Chilling Serial Killer Documentary

Netflix has released The Women and The Murderer, a French documentary about a serial killer who murders several women in France, in the late 1990s. The streaming giant has been producing and releasing many documentaries about or docuseries, and it hasn’t been disappointing till now. This particular documentary covers the story of Guy George, who killed two women in Paris.

The Women and The Murderer review doesn’t contain spoilers –

The Women and The Murderer takes the usual route of presenting facts through a number of sources. There are photos, videos, police reports, interviews of people involved and even a statement of a victim. The one hour and thirty-two-minute long documentary reveal a lot of information associated with the case. On top of that, the film also conveys another message. From the beginning till the end, women are constantly present. Be it the victim, victim’s mother, the police officer and more.

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Importance of Women

Even though Netflix The Women and The Murderer is based on real-life events, it is important to note how women play a vital role in it. The documentary puts emphasis on the first female police officers and how people at that time took this revelation in. It wasn’t a common thing to have a woman working as a cop. On top of that, a woman chief of police is something people couldn’t think of back then.

As the story goes forward, a lot of information regarding the murders and the murderer is unravelled. Though there are times when The Women and The Murderer feels slow and loses the attention of the viewers.

The Women and The Murderer still

Nevertheless, as it is a documentary, and the incident portrayed is real, the story captivates you. There is an added bonus of getting aware of what being a 90s French police officer felt. After the murders occur and after the third victim reaches the authorities, the police are helpless. They have collected several pieces of evidence from the crime scenes, such as bloody footprints, DNA evidence and much more. However, as the documentary, The Women and The Murderer tells us, France did not have a database back then.

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This means that is there is no record or data on anyone. So all the hard work of getting a portrayed made of the killer and tracking several thousands of people ultimately is of no help. While talking about women, it is commendable for the third victim, another girl, who went around in a police car, to help them find the serial killer. At the same time, the documentary also portrays what a mother can do and the extent she can go to find out who killed her child.

It is heartbreaking to see Anne Gautier, mother of Helene Frinking, one of the victims of Guy George. But at the same time, the fact that the victims were women also speaks for itself.

Final Verdict

What is missing from The Women and The Murderer is that even though there is a good enough focus on ‘The Women’ part, there isn’t enough on ‘The Murderer’. But that maybe be because there isn’t a lot of information on Guy than from what exists. Once again, Netflix had a high production quality and delivered the facts and feelings in an applaud-deserving manner.

If you are someone who enjoys watching documentaries, especially on serial killers, then you should definitely watch The Women and The Murderer. It keeps you on your toes and sends a shiver down the spine, even if there are moments that are dull. This Netflix original should be a part of your documentary list already.

You can watch The Women and The Murderer on Netflix.

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Netflix's The Women and The Murderer is a French documentary, based on the serial killings in Paris in the late 1990s.

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