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Netflix’s The War Next-door Review: Entertaining and Silly

Netflix’s The War Next-door Review: Entertaining and Silly
The War Next-door review out

The War Next-door, a Mexican sitcom starring Vanessa Bauche, Ana Layevska, Marco León, Loreto Peralta, and Elyfer Torres, is now out on Netflix. Noé Santillán-López and Sebastian Sarinana have directed the 8 episodes series. The duration of the episodes is at least 32 minutes.

The official synopsis for The War Next-door Netflix reads, “When two antagonistic families end up living next door in a posh neighbourhood, the matriachs launch a full-scale war that has unintended consequences.”

The War Next-door review: Still 1
The War Next-door Review: Still from the series

The War Next-door Review: In-depth analysis

The first episode of The War Next-door series opens with Uber driver Leonor (Vanessa Bauche) driving the rich Silvia (Ana Layevska) and her young boyfriend in the car. But things go haywire when Silvia does something that breaks Leonor’s car door. The two end up in a fight, and Leonor grabs Silvia’s bag and finds a ticket to reside in a huge mansion. Silvia runs away from the spot, and Leonor is furious and heads home.

Leonor belongs to a middle-class family, but they are struggling to meet ends. This ticket to a big mansion proves a boon for her family. When they all move to the lavish house, Leonor and Silvia are shocked to see that they are neighbours. Silvia also accuses Leonor of stealing the ticket from her bag. The family has to stay in the mansion for six months before selling it out.

As the two already did not start off on a good note, being each other’s neighbours lead to a constant war between the two ladies. One is rich, and one isn’t. Time and again, the ladies bring each other down and prove they’re better than the other. Both the ladies’ children and other family members get affected in their war drama.

The War Next-door review: Still 2
The War Next-door Review: Series’ still

Vanessa Bauche and Ana Layevska look striking on the screen. They both are passionate women when it comes to fighting and would go to any extent to ruin the other person. Both the actors have superb comic timing, making it bearable to see two women indulging in fights for anything and everything. Netflix’s The War Next-door has provided us with a Mexican Tu Tu Main Main with a neighbours twist.

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If you think that both the ladies will sign a peace treaty at one point in between the series, you’re mistaken. Until the end of the series, Leonor and Silvia are not leaving a chance to create issues in each other’s lives. If The War Next-door weren’t a sitcom, both the ladies would appear as potential criminals. But the comic tone makes it entertaining to watch. The supporting cast also does a hilarious job overall.

The War Next-door Review: Is it worth watching?

Overall, the Mexican sitcom is a good break from the usual friends and romance sitcoms we’ve seen over the years. The series intends to entertain and make you laugh at the silly fights between these ladies. It’s a show that doesn’t make you think too much yet keeps you engaged till the end.

The War Next-door is currently streaming on Netflix.

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