Netflix’s The Mind Explained Season 2 Review: Insightful, Like Always!

Netflix’s The Mind Explained season 2 continues the journey of educating people about the capabilities of our mind that can help us stand out but, also undermine our intentions. This documentary streaming television series is the spin-off of Vox’s Explained series. The first season was narrated by The Amazing Spider-Man film franchise’s Gwen Stacy, Emma Stone. In the second season, Lisey’s Story actress Julianne Moore takes over the role of the narrator. The season is five episodes long with a runtime of 20 to 26 minutes per episode.

– Netflix’s The Mind, Explained Season 2 review does not contain spoilers –

The Mind Explained Season 2: Deduce Your Brain

Vox’s Explained series is truly enlightening. If you are someone who has ardently followed the original series and the spin-off, you would surely love Netflix’s The Mind, Explained. However, if you are new to the franchise, The Explained series is a good place to start, especially because it takes one subject and analyzes its various perspective in a more detailed manner.

The Mind Explained Season 2 consists of five episodes spread out over different topics concerning the functioning and development of our brain. The first episode is titled “How to Focus”, which is by far the most relevant and important episode in the series. It focuses on the short attention span people have developed over the years by taking in scientific inputs from academics and experts. It briefly takes us to the history of the brain’s inability to multitask and the growing lack of focus.

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This episode is followed by “Teenage Brain” which works like a quick science lesson to understand the technicalities of our brain during the teenage years. The second episode includes interviews and inputs from teenagers helping the audience understand the real-life change in emotions and decision-making skills a teenager’s mind makes. “Personality” is the third episode that addresses the various characteristics or features of personality people develop over a lifetime as the term in itself has a wide range of definitions to be able to stereotype people in it.

By the time we are at the fourth episode titled “Creativity”, we understand how the brain, no matter what its size, is capable of truly magnanimous things. We walk down a scientific path in this episode that reveals that it is a mental muscle or rather two sets of networks in our brains that gives rise to creativity, abandoning the outdated concept of the right hemisphere of the brain being the king of all imagination.

The last episode is called “Brainwashing” which gives us insight into how humans, starting from politicians to psychopaths have had the ability to manipulate and translate other people over to their side. The concept of ‘belief change’ takes place during the course of this episode.

The Mind Explained Season 2: Final Verdict

The second season of The Mind, Explained is different from the first as this one takes its chance with more complex topics but, explains them fruitfully well. You can watch The Mind Explained Season 2 now on Netflix. To catch recaps for Vox’s Explained series, click here.

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The Mind Explained season 2 on Netflix is delightfully educational and insightful.

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The Mind Explained season 2 on Netflix is delightfully educational and insightful.Netflix's The Mind Explained Season 2 Review: Insightful, Like Always!