Netflix’s The Five Juanas Review: Uncovering The Truth

The Five Juanas is the latest Netflix release that spins a dark tale surrounding five women who are on a hunt to unveil the biggest secret that ties their lives together. A suspenseful thriller that gives you new clues and information at every fold, the series is the adaptation of the Mexican drama by Bernando Romero Pereiro’s Colombian telenovela Las Juanas de 1997 and Hijas de la luna.

Juanita Arias, Sofia Engberg, Oka Giner, Renata Notni, Zuria Vega all star in the lead roles in this Netflix series. The show is 18-episode long, with a runtime for each episode ranging from somewhere around 30 minutes to 50 minutes that always keeps you at the edge of your seat.

– Netflix’s The Five Juanas review does not contain spoilers –

The Five Juanas: 98% Sisters

The premise essentially revolves around the lives of five women named Juana who discover that they share the same birthmark all in the shape of a fish, hinting towards the fact that they are related. This sets the story rolling as the five Juanas begin a journey to discover the mysteries that have been kept buried long enough under the web of tragic lies by filthy politicians.

The first episode introduces us to our five, very different heroines. We have always-in-trouble and feisty stripper Juana Manuela (Manny), scared and confused singer Juana Matilde (Matilde), the girl-next-door mind clairvoyant Juana Bautista (Bautista), the sweet but wilful nun-in-training Juana Caridad (Caridad) and the headstrong investigative journalist Juana Valentina (Valentina/Val) who cross paths by the end of the first episode.

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We follow the five girls on their individual and collective journey throughout the show. The theme, of course, starts with the unravelling of a basic mystery but as time passes we realize how twisted things get like, Caridad’s mother Alice being put on experimental medication so she doesn’t spill out the truth or Manny being drugged and kidnapped. But the girls stop at no cost and by the end of the show finally get what they deserve.

Alongside the elephant in the room i.e., to find out how the five Juanas are related, the story also gives time for individual plot lines to develop. The creators try to put forward a feminist message about how women are used at all turns and crosses by men, who never take responsibility or accountability for their actions. It focuses on the shoulders of our female protagonists’ to tell the story of a woman living in a man’s world, always crushed and tortured, mostly revolving around the aspects of abuse, rape and violence against women. It is definitely a dark tale and trigger warnings are to be taken seriously before walking right into the show.

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However, apart from the gore and torture, there are certainly bright and emotionally profuse aspects to the show that balance out both the dark and light. For example, the healing of Manny’s relationship with her mother, Caridad exploring her body and desires, Matilde finally standing up for herself are all moments to cherish in The Five Juanas.

The series also focuses on the different versions of love, how one can be abusive whereas some others are forbidden. Keeping women at the forefront, this Spanish drama really touches all the right chords required to put up a brilliant show.

The Five Juanas: Final Verdict

This telenovela promises a never-ending story as revelations keep coming in the way of the characters for them to sit tight until the next set of events. With a beautiful background score, characters who provide juice with every squeeze and a storyline that keeps you engaged from the start till the end, this series is a must stream for people who love drama and suspense.

You can watch The Five Juanas now streaming on Netflix.

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The Five Juanas is a feminist tale to make that one man pay for his sins.

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The Five Juanas is a feminist tale to make that one man pay for his sins.Netflix's The Five Juanas Review: Uncovering The Truth