The Coyotes (2021) Review: Olivia Castanho-Starrer is a Medley of Missed Opportunities

Netflix’s Belgian drama The Coyotes, created by Axel Du Bus De Warnaffe, Vincent Lavachery and Anne-Lise Morin, features Olivia Castanho, Andria Kozica and Louka Minnella in the lead roles.

Netflix’s The Coyotes Review does not contain any spoilers

Coyotes-Do they match the pace of the show?

The Coyotes is a show that never seems to get it right. It’s dark and grim in places but then turns light-hearted and comedic. It tries to be a serious drama but then throws in an unnecessary musical number. The acting is excellent, but sometimes the characters seem like they don’t belong in the same series.

The dialogue was often clunky and delivered in a very unnatural way. It’s not the most important thing, but it’s important to note that a lot of the time, people were saying something for the sake of saying them and not because it had any real meaning or purpose.

the coyotes

A bigger problem is that virtually every character could be likeable. Even the protagonists are just people who seem to find themselves in these crazy situations but have no natural redeeming qualities.

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A maze of problems in the Coyotes Camp- How do they escape?

The characters have no depth either. We get some history for two of the three main characters but nothing about the other two who are also essential. The villains are so one-dimensional that it gets boring to hear them talk. This show has a lot of potential but it doesn’t live up to any of it. The production issues are the least of its problems.

the coyotes

The Coyotes isn’t a terrible show, but it’s not very good either. It doesn’t have many redeeming qualities, aside from the premise. The characters are all cliches who lack depth and backstories. Neither their motivations nor the plot is interesting enough to make the show entertaining or worth watching.

The story is so scattered and messy that it’s hard even to state what the focus of this series is about.

Where did the Coyotes and the story go amiss?

There are a lot of flashbacks that take away from the main storyline, making you feel like you’re watching three episodes at once. Also, there’s this weird thing of showing us shots of people in a scene while they are talking, showing their faces and making sure we know who they are, but we can already see them right in front of our eyes!

There is little to no backstory on most characters, and many broad stereotypes exist. It just felt like so many threads were added to this story, even as it continued to stretch out, that nothing felt believable.

the coyotes

The characters themselves are all pretty much one-dimensional, and we never get any real reason to care about them. Add to that the fact that they all seem to be in the wrong place at the wrong time (for reasons I don’t want to give away), and I found it impossible to care about anyone or anything on the screen.

I won’t go into detail, but a plot element explained why all of these people were together in the first place – and it was laughable at best. It wasn’t very well thought out or executed.

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Would you join the coyotes in the trail?

Pacing is another big issue with this series. There’s just too much going on here with way too many characters.

The whole show feels like it tries to be two different shows at once. I enjoyed some elements, but I think the show is too deeply flawed to recommend.

the coyotes

Worst of all, the whole thing felt like a game show where the viewer is supposed to guess the outcome. The characters are constantly saying things like: “I can’t let that happen again,” or “I have to keep this a secret”. It’s so overused and predictable that it became more annoying than anything else.

I don’t recommend the Coyote Show for anyone outside of die-hard fans of the genre it belongs to. If you like watching a bunch of people screaming in terror or running around frantically, you might enjoy this series. But if you want to watch an engaging story with solid characters, look elsewhere.

Stream It or Skip It?

The Coyotes was an enjoyable show with a good ending, but I felt so many missed opportunities. The acting is good, and the lead character’s arc is compelling. There are many other ideas to be explored in this world, but instead, we see the characters getting involved with a mishmash of events. It felt messy and like many missed opportunities.

The series had a lot of potential and was just not realized. I wanted to like this show, and it pains me to give it such a low score, but that’s how I feel.

The Coyotes is streaming on Netflix.

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The Coyotes, starring Olivia Castanho, is somewhat enjoyable but loses out a lot in regards to its sluggish storyline.


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The Coyotes (2021) Review: Olivia Castanho-Starrer is a Medley of Missed OpportunitiesThe Coyotes, starring Olivia Castanho, is somewhat enjoyable but loses out a lot in regards to its sluggish storyline.