Netflix’s The Claus Family Review: An Entertaining Christmas Watch

The Dutch-Belgian film directed and written by Matthias Temmermans titled The Claus Family aka., De Familie Claus, gives you the early Christmas vibes you deserve. With co-writers Ruben Vandenborre and Elke de Gezelle and a runtime of 2 hours and a handful of minutes, the film tells a fictional tale of Santa Claus’ family, keeping his grandchildren in focus. The film stars Jan Decleir as Noël Claus, Mo Bakker as Jules Claus, Bracha van Doesburgh as Suzanne, Stefaan Degand as Holger and several others.

– Netflix’s The Claus Family review does not contain spoilers –

The Claus Family: The Tale of Santa Claus & Fam

Jules Claus is the child who dampens the Christmas spirit with his dislike for the festive season as it had once marked a tragedy in his life. He shifts to a new place with his mother Suzzane, and while the mother works in a biscuit family, Jules spends his time helping his grandfather, Noel. An incident with a magical snow globe reveals that Jules’ grandfather is the friendly, gift distributing old man Santa with the works, which includes some real-life elves! The story progresses to show how grandpa Noel breaks his leg and Jules is forced to step in to fill Santa Claus’ shoes.

However, with a nose that is not ready to smell the joy in the most wondrous time of the year, it is a challenge for Jules to become what his legacy wants him to be. It is hard to relate to Jules’ emotional struggles at times, especially given Mo Bakker does not deliver a very convincing performance. Yet the reimagining of Santa’s tale really freshens up everything damp on screen.

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Meanwhile, alongside Jules’ story runs the story of his mother, Suzzane who comes face to face with problems that have lesser fictional touch. The biscuit factory she works in is facing bankruptcy and she has a revolutionary idea, but not everyone might be ears for that. Bracha van Doesburg as Suzanne is more convincing than her on-screen son and really does her best to put across the joy and gloom of human life.

Jan Decleir as Noël Claus, aka., Santa Claus is the one character that truly stands out, not because of the red and white costume he dons but because his performance is a sweet touch to what we all have always imagined Santa to be. In fact, Decleir has previously played the role of Santa Claus, in the form of Saint-Nicholas. Thus, nailing this act might be right up his sleeve.

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The film also displays elaborate costumes and beautiful set designs, playing with vibrant colours every now and then to make the film more Christmas-y. All the characters are genuinely amiable and likeable, however, they clearly lack depth given the premise of the film asks them to battle their fears and sadness. However, with that being said, it is no doubt a feel-good film where you don’t look for a villain to overpower the hero and have a showdown and is rather a family trying to help each other and themselves.

The Claus Family: Final Verdict

With a beautiful score by Anne-Kathrin Dern, that is the mistletoe of this story, The Claus Family is for lazy winter days when suspense and thrillers have gotten too much of you and you’d rather want to relax with a hot cup of cocoa. Surely, the film feels like a drag at times, but it is comforting as it falls back to the ‘Christmas Cliche’ story trope.

You can watch The Claus Family now on Netflix.

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The Claus Family reimagines the story of our beloved Santa Claus and his family.

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The Claus Family reimagines the story of our beloved Santa Claus and his family.Netflix's The Claus Family Review: An Entertaining Christmas Watch