Netflix’s Tattoo Redo Review: Change Your Ugly Past Mistakes!

Tattoo Redo, an exciting 6-episode series, is now out on Netflix. Hosted by Jessimae Peluso, the series features some skilled tattoo artists like Twig Sparks, Matt Beckerich, Tommy Montoya, Rose Hardy and Miryam Lumpini. The duration of each episode is 25 minutes.

Netflix described the series as – Bad tattoos walk in. Great tattoos walk out. Top artists transform tattoo disasters into stunning cover-ups, with designs chosen by clients’ loved ones.

– Netflix Tattoo Redo Review contains mild spoilers –

Who’s Ready to See Some Bad Tattoos? is the title of the first episode. The episode begins with host Jessimae Peluso asking, “What happens when the person you love has a tattoo you hate?” That’s what we see in the six episodes when common people come on the show with their loved one (a friend, family member, or lover) and tell their story about a horrible tattoo. The loved ones accompany these people to get rid of these past mistakes. 

Every episode introduces us to people who have a disastrous tattoo because they were either drunk, lost a bet, or hopelessly in love. The series’ twist is that the loved one who has accompanied the ‘bad tattoo guest’ will get down with one of the tattoo artists and create a fresh design to cover up the past disaster. The person who’s getting the tattoo and the viewers see the new design only at the end of the episode. Is everyone happy with the new tattoo on their body that will last a lifetime? That’s something to keep an eye on!

Tattoo Redo Review: Still 1
Tattoo Redo Review: Host Jessimae Peluso

Every episode of the Netflix series is presented boldly and entertainingly. Tattoo Redo host Jessimae is brimming with enthusiasm and brilliance, as are the tattoo artists. While watching the show, you are concerned about the loved one as they have to take the big decision of choosing a new tattoo for the other person. Both the guests and the tattoo artists are in a challenging situation. But it’s a touching moment when someone appreciates the cover-up design their loved one has chosen for them.

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There isn’t anything to criticise about the show. Whether you like tattoos or not, this is a show for you. Tattoo Redo  Netflix is a unique concept that encourages individuals to not take their bodies for granted. I was also fascinated by the tattoo artists’ ability to create new and elegant tattoo designs to hide other people’s strange tattoos. After they finish the design, you can never guess what was inked there before. The episode titles are also amusing.

There are some nude scenes in Tattoo Redo as some people ink anything anywhere when they believe they’re being ‘bold.’ People put a lot of trust in any random tattoo artist; some have lived with incorrect lyrics, filthy phrases, and hideous animal pictures on their bodies for years, according to the series.

Tattoo Redo Review: Is it worth watching?

You should watch the series if you’re seeking something light and entertaining to watch. You’ll be engrossed the entire time and be surprised at how quickly the six episodes pass.

Tattoo Redo is currently streaming on Netflix.

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Tattoo Redo Review: A few people meet tattoo artists in the Netflix series to get rid of their bad tattoos with a brand new one but with a twist!

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